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1. 8 things I can’t live without post
2. Top 5 beauty and sexy products of all time
3. Top 5 Books review
4. Music playlist post/ top 10
5. Super date ideas post
6. Weekend snapshot post where you share with your readers what you did that weekend/or now
7. Your best 5 favorite blogs that you read regularly
8. A post about your dream job today
9. If you could have lunch with one influential person, who would it be?
10. Share your favorite phone apps
11. A monthly must-haves post (things you’re currently obsessed with)

12. Find a TedTalk you love, embed it into a blog post, and write about it
13. Your Favorite Etsy shops in web
14. Birthday wish list
15. A list of your favorite people to follow on Twitter
16. Share a freebie (create a checklist or a printable or something your readers can download)
17. Write about a particular new fashion trend you’re loving (or hating)
18. 5 fun things to do with your friends
19. Visit a new coffee or donut shop, take lots of pictures, and write about it
20. Share your favorite things about Fall,Winter, Spring, and Summer


21. Put together a roundup post (10 beautiful spring tablescapes)
22. Things you love about your significant other
23. if there’s an article you’ve read lately that you’ve loved, share it and let everyone know how you feel about it
24. Your favorite brands today
25. Write about your fears – what scares you?
26. Put together a gift and best gift guide?
27. Things you’ve learned from your mom or dad
28. How to spring clean your life/blog
29. How to throw a dinner party/brunch
30. Home tour (just don’t give away your address in case creepers are reading)
31. Everyday makeup routine
32. Favorite dollar store/drug store finds
33. Things you don’t mind splurging on
34. 5 things you probably don’t know about me post
35. Share your top 15 favorite movies
36. Travel top bucket list
37. Travel essentials guide
38. How to properly pack a suitcase now
39. Favorite childhood and best memory
40. An interview with someone you admire ever
41. Outfit of the day post
42. Podcasts your readers need to listen to
43. Share with your readers your biggest success in life so far
44. Share with your readers your most epic failures and how you overcame them
45. Talk about an important life lesson you’ve learned recently
46. Your morning routine

47. Your bedtime routine


48. Tools for blogging
49. Talk about a hobby of yours and friends
50. Your favorite Youtube channels top 10
51. What’s your favorite holiday and why?
52. Write about your strengths
53. Write about your weaknesses
54. How do you love to spend your “me-time”?
55. Free activities to do in your city
56. What’s your family like today?
57. Plan and stationary that you’re loving
58. Put together a best-friend care package
59. Share your favorite cocktail recipe
60. Your favorite Instagram accounts to follow
61. Have an at-home spa night
62. Subscription box review
63. Share your favorite healthy snacks


64. Share your pet peeves
65. Make a reverse bucket list – share all the cool things you’ve done already
66. Share the things that keep you organized
67. When do you feel the most creative ideas
68. Participate in a challenge (think push-up challenge or no-spend challenge) + share your experience
69. Share pictures of your workspace
70. Share with your readers your idea of <>
71. A “day in the life of me” post where you write about what a typical day looks like for you in life
72. Grocery post showing your readers your latest finds from the grocery store
73. Beauty/fashion haul post showing your readers the latest things you’ve bought
74. Ask your readers a question about
75. Write a letter to a younger version of yourself
76. Top 10 TV series of all time for everyone
77. Your favorite books top 50
78. A post about why you started blogging
79. Share your fitness routine today
80. Talk about your favorite way to exercise
81. Share a few embarrassing stories with your readers
82. Favorite restaurants in your cities
83. Favorites post where you link to your favorite articles/sites from that week or day

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