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FULL BEARD STYLES That You Should Try [2021]

The full beard styles has never been so popular among men. While full beard styles have always been a classic look, growing long, thick facial hair has become the holy grail of masculinity. Growing a thicker beard can be a challenge for many men.

There are variety of reasons why men think that it is challenging. The problem for most of them is that once the beard reaches a certain point, itchiness can become so out of control that they shave or trim a beard too early. 

Shaving excessively

With so many ways to style full beards, the real challenge after growing your beard out may be how to trim it. Here’s our guide to the best long beard styles to try in 2019 -2020.

The most urgent part is characterizing the neck area. Shaving excessively near the jaw and the facial hair just looks unusual while shaving too far down the neck looks chaotic. For the cheeks, characterize the regular hairline and tidy up any stray hair.

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 Keep in mind it doesn’t suit everyone. Our recommendation is to opt for a youthful haircut to accompany this beard style which will allow you to interpret this classic look in a modern way. Have cheek lines that are naturally too high, or have trouble defining the cheek line, are advised to draw an imaginary line from the angle of the side.

growing a full beard Top Different Types style

Ensure that your barber gets your haircuts right – opt for more modern, youthful styles to prevent an aged aesthetic. The full beard is also good for those whose skin gets irritated with a shave or don’t have time for a shave. The flexibility of style and compatibility with different face shapes prove it a versatile beard style which also requires a little maintenance.

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