44 Unique Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas For You

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Unique Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas For You

The smokey eyes makeup ideas is characterized by makeup that emphasizes the eyes using soft lines and blending. Usually, darker colors like black, brown, or gray are used. Although you can opt to go for a more dramatic kind of smokey eyed look with fun colors like green or even red.

Smokey eye makeup tips proliferate throughout the internet, but all of them pretty much say the same thing. Although it’s one of our favorites, we’ll be real here, the smoky eye is one of the toughest techniques to master.

One overzealous stroke of an eyeshadow brush can leave you looking. Less like a sultry seductress and more like you could use an ice pack. But you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed ask a makeup artist. We talked to some of our favorites, and they had ten genius tips to take your smoky eye to the next level.

Start from the brow bone then, “follow your highlight with a medium color from where your highlight ends. To where your crease begins and blend. Proceed with a darker medium shade and blend using a windshield-wiper motion; concentrating on the crease — be sure not to go as high as the previous color. according to your eye shape—so you can rock this classic as part of your next makeup look.

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Traditionally this would have meant a long-winded and hugely expensive course at a leading academy, but with a little help from our self-confessed makeup addicts, we’ve come up with something for more realistic!

We break down exactly how to create the classic celeb-approved beauty look and point out a few makeup mistakes to avoid. showed her how to play up her eyes with soft, wearable colors like warm bronze and natural brown instead of gray and charcoal. Bet you never thought a smoky look could be this understated.

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Smokey Eyes Makeup

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