How To Choose Best Perfect Wedding Dress

Choose Best Perfect Wedding Dress

 5 important steps to find the best perfect wedding dress model!

Of course, your dream wedding dress should be perfect, but how to start and how to find best for it?

wedding dress silhouette guide

These 5 steps to help you find the perfect dress model!

The time has come to begin your search for a wedding dress, an important moment that you have been dreaming of your dream for so long. You know that you need to find the perfect wedding dress, but where to start? We have prepared for you important five tips that we will gladly share, write down them!

1. Step 1. Style

2. Step 2. Cloth

3. Step 3. Color

4. Step 4. Figure

5. Step 5. Comfort

sweetheart mermaid wedding dress for women

Step 1. Style

First of all, determine the style in which you would like to see your wedding dress. This will greatly help you in finding and choosing “your” dream model.

The style of the wedding dress depends on the celebration concept. Although, the bride has every right to look exactly how she wants. It all depends on her desire.

Today, ladies and women are increasingly trying to reflect their character in the concept of a wedding celebration, so the style of the dress can be chosen to suit the style of the holiday.

transforming wedding dress

The most important thing is to feel“ your ”dress. You can imagine yourself on a solemn day and trace your emotions, what mood and what feelings do you experience from your image? The answer to this question will help you to set a certain motion for choosing several dresses for fitting.

Some brides at the same time choose a dress both for weddings, in this case, of course, you need to pay attention to dresses with sleeves, or choose an outfit with a removable lace top that can be the best.

best white sweetheart mermaid wedding dress

                             Wedding dress for wedding a selection for inspiration!

First, you must remember that you must remain yourself, you should not blindly follow the trends. Below are the options for brides, and also, the emphasis is placed on those styles that are suitable for a particular type of bride:

Classic: you are a classic bride who focuses on a traditional look or on something that does not go out of fashion. This type of bride prefers a dress with a neckline. For accessories, pay attention to veils and jewelry such as pearls or diamonds.

wedding a selection for inspiration

• Romantic: you give preference to delicacy and simplicity. Romantic brides often choose tulle or chiffon dresses with the most romantic embroidery .

Boho: Brides who marry on the beach or outdoors rely on a boho dress.

Vintage: if you like lace and Victorian dresses, then you are a bride in vintage style.

Modern: a modern bride focuses on a bright and bold wedding dress. For this type of bride, originality comes first!

beautiful wedding dress from natural silk chiffon or cambric, possibly a light mesh.

Step 2. Cloth

“The image of the bride consists of the image of the girl herself and the mood of the solemn event, his ideas and her style. In general, wedding events are divided into two types: indoors, and in the fresh air. Accordingly, the two main directions in choosing an image are the classic bride, and the lighter version, closer to naturalness. It follows that the dress for the wedding should be chosen as easily as possible, from natural silk chiffon or cambric, possibly a light mesh.

 When choosing a fabric for a wedding dress, the bride needs to first of all understand what fabric it should be from. There are: natural, for example silk or synthetic, satin, satin, brocade, fabric. Synthetic fabric, for example, take an atlas, has a lot of advantages.

stunning wedding dresses for older brides

You can give your preference to absolutely any fabric, depending on your tastes, but do not forget about comfort on such an important day. ” “It is customary to think that natural fabrics are the best. But this is not always true, especially for festive clothing. Preferring silk, after a few minutes, the bride finds herself in a crumpled dress. For lovers of all natural, it is better to use a lining made of fabrics that are pleasant to the body, and for the outside of the dress.


Below are options for the most commonly used materials:

• Mikado: dense and elegant fabric with a characteristic sheen;

Brokat: heavy silk fabric with gold or silver threads, woven with drawings;

Pique: dense cotton fabric in two ducks with embossed transverse scars or less often convex geometric patterns on the front side;

Ottoman: this material is particularly velvety and very pleasant to touch;

Crepe: fabric, special weaving, very strong and practically does not crease;

• Taffeta: a kind of glossy dense thin linen weave fabric made from tightly twisted silk, cotton or synthetic organic polymers;

• Organza: a thin rigid transparent fabric made of silk, polyester or viscose by twisting two fibers;

Crepe: fabric, special weaving, very strong and practically does not crease;

Lace: lace or guipure is called an airy thin fabric made of threads that form a specific pattern;

Chiffon: lightweight fabric with a simple mesh weave, due to which it looks translucent;

Tulle: a very light and transparent mesh fabric.

You need to choose a dress in that color scheme that suits exactly your color type

Step 3. Color

You need to choose a dress in that color scheme that suits exactly your color type. There are a lot of shades of white color, and in order to make it much easier for you to figure out and determine which shade is right for you.

• White: the true color is perfect for owners of dark skin, it is thanks to the contrasts, in this case, that we get a great combination. “White has a lot of shades. But most brides prefer milk color.

true color is perfect for owners of dark skin,

Step 4. Figure

Most likely, you already have certain thoughts regarding how your wedding dress should look, but are you sure that this particular style will ideally sit on you? Despite “love at first sight”, you should understand that maybe your perfect dress and dreams and what you get in reality can differ significantly.

 Graceful curves of the silhouette and legs corresponding to the length of the body are often an advantage such as an hourglass. Note that such a description of the figure is suitable not only for thin women, but also for ladies with curvaceous shapes.

Pay attention to the dresses, the cut of which will emphasize your silhouette and create a delicate feminine image. In most women, this type of figure is a lean physique and small chest. In this case, long slender legs are a big advantage, but the sizes of shoulders, chest, waist, hips are almost the same.

Graceful curves of the silhouette and legs

The shape of the figure is “triangle”: the figure of the triangle looks very feminine and natural if it combines  hips, a narrow waist, a flat stomach and fragile shoulders. As a rule, the upper body is slightly longer than the lower.

Regardless of the height and weight of women with the type of figure, the triangle retains a fairly pronounced waist with narrow shoulders and thin arms. To balance the upper and lower body, hide the hips and emphasize the waist, you can be guided by the following tips:

1. Avoid semicircular square cutouts and thin straps;

2. regarding the color scheme, choose light tones above – dark tones below.

a line wedding dress sweetheart

Step 5. Comfort

Do not forget that you will be one of the key figures at your celebration, therefore, you should feel comfortable in your outfit.

 For example, if the bride is really 100% sure of her excellent taste, if she is an artist, actress or person of a creative profession, also in the case when a professional stylist works with her on the image. But, unfortunately, often to create a creative image impulsively choose those brides who by their nature are not like that. You can be original on any of the New Year’s eve, and at the wedding, please be yourself. ”

“Comfort affects your mood, a slight smile, carelessness and a happy state in general. If the corset is crushed, and the shoes are rubbed, it will be difficult for you to sincerely rejoice.

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