Cities You Have to Visit in Japan

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9 Beautiful Cities You Have to Visit in Japan

1.) Tokyo

Tokyo is the biggest metropolis in the world – the sheer size always seems to take me by surprise! It’s big and shiny and filled with so many sights to keep you busy for days – if not weeks.

2.) Sapporo

Sapporo was the host of the 1972 Winter Olympics, and it is known for its ski resorts… and beer! Sapporo is definitely a city defined by snow – it has a snow festival each year so do try you best to plan your visit around winter time.

3.) Kyoto

A short train ride from Osaka, Kyoto was once the capital of Japan. Now people visit Kyoto to get a glimpse of Japan’s rich history and culture.

4.) Fukuoka

With its walkable city center, friendly, laid-back citizens, and nice beaches, Fukuoka will certainly find a special place in your heart. The city itself has been ranked amongst one of the most liveable cities in recognition of its fantastic work-life balance provided to its residents. Also when in Fukuoka, don’t forget to pop into the castle!

5.) Osaka

The beautiful port city of Osaka has no shortage of backstreets where you can get lost, and then stumble upon a sushi restaurant with no name, and discover that it’s the best food you’ve ever tasted in your life.

6.) Nara

Although Nara is Kyoto’s often overlooked neighbor, there are more buildings in Nara that are official Japanese national treasures than anywhere else. Many travellers enjoy walking in the Kasuga-yama Hill Primeval Forest in their quest for inner peace… or at the very least, to take in some of Japan’s amazing natural treasures.

7.) Nagasaki

Nagasaki has had a painful past with atomic bombs dropped on it in 1945 and while the Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park can be a deeply moving experience, there are other reasons to visit Nagasaki as well. You can see the ruins of the once densely populated Battleship Island, or experience the Nagasaki Lantern Festival (if you’re around during Lunar New Year, that is).

8.) Naha

Naha, the capital of Okinawa, is a hub for other Japanese islands and beaches however many people are perfectly happy to go no further than Naha and who can blame them? There are great beaches to enjoy here and the unique (and delicious) Okinawa cuisine.

9.) Nagoya

Nagoya has everything you could want in a city: museums, resorts, nice restaurants, and shopping. What more could you possibly want? A castle? Don’t fret -Nagoya has that too!

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