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11 Top marble nails that prove no two designs are alike

Top marble nails blame it on Instagram, or blame it on Pinterest — whatever the reason, trendy marble nail art is still one of the most sought-after fancy manicures out there. The marble nail polish craze has still not dialed down and most women extremely happy about that because it’s so beautiful and elegant.

On the internet, every women or ladies have seen nails ideas online and thought. Besides, marble manicures it is an absolutely gorgeous and luxurious trend for active women and ladies. It is a good thing about marble design ideas that it is completely random. Imagine you almost can’t mess up the shape of nail art.

marble nails design ideas images


What are Marble Nails?

The marbling technique in new nail art design is done adding polish into a bowl of water and slightly swirling the many different colors around. When you dip fingers in a bowl you end up with a very cool-looking marble effect on your luxury nails art. Marble art is much easier than it would seem in generally. Don’t worry you will find below, on this list of tutorials you will help you achieve the best-marbled nail art today.

temporary marble nail art picture

What You Will Need for it

.New nail polish remover

.A bowl of water

.Cotton swab

.Orange nail polish

.Lime colour nail polish

.White nail polish


.Pink nail polish

water marble nails for ladies

Tutorial How to do it

1. The first step In a bowl of water, start adding drops of the nail polish.

2. Keep adding the different colored polishes in a concentric circle.

3. When it done, use the toothpick to swirl around the colors.

4. Next step swirl them around till you are happy with the design and dip your fingers into the colors, one by one.

5. Remember create the pattern once again in the water, if it’s not enough for the nails.

6. Important use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the area around the nails.

7. Seal it with a top coat, and you’re done!

 Incredible Marble Designs to Upgrade


Marble Nail Art Designs We Love For Chic


white with marble nails


marble nails black and white


Marble nails: How to get the manicure trend


best water marble nail polish


Classy marble nails for this lady


 Hottest Marble Nails Ideas

photo: Instagram/@davidnguyen1861

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