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A birthday party is an CAKES FOR GIRLS important milestone that all of us celebrate. If you are a parent, your child’s birthday is something you always look forward to, no matter how old she is.

Now if she is still young, make sure you exert your best in planning a good birthday party as she will eventually grow up and there’s a possibility that such event will no longer be spent with you. We all know that girls can be hard to please but we can almost guarantee success if you opt for a Unicorn Cake to celebrate your little girl’s special day. 

Girl’s expectations

Getting a distinct cake that meets the birthday girl’s expectations, doesn’t have you up until 2 am on the morning of the party, and is achievable, can be a tall order. Luckily, Cutter and Squidge are known just for that!

Birthday cakes for girls are extremely easy to find given our large selection of stunning cakes. Our kid’s selection varies from baby shower cakes, little boys and boys to little girls and girls. We provide cakes in different shapes, designs and sizes to match your imagination.


 The production of the Cake involves a long process: from just a little sketch to design, modelling and colouring small details becomes a challenge. It is not always an easy process to transform imagination to reality but our love for decorating makes it possible. Generally baby shower girls cakes are covered in pink icing to represent a girl and incorporated with animals, head bows, ribbons or just different shades of pink icing decoration or even tower cakes.

When it comes to deciding the birthday cake for your little girl, you must choose the one that suits her preference to make the celebrations more fun and exciting. Birthday girl will adore these creative birthday cakes, all made with easy, do-at-home techniques.

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