Women in the military

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Female Soldiers in the army

Soldiers in the army

Since 1914, in western militaries, women have served in greater numbers and more diverse roles than before. In the 1970s, most Western armies began allowing women to serve in active duty in all military branches. In nine countries women are conscripted into military service. Only a few countries allow women to serve on an equal basis. They include Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Brave Female Soldiers from Around the World

Brave Female Soldiers from Around the World

While science fiction provides a break from reality with superheroines like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Storm, there are real-life female soldiers making a difference in this world in ways you won’t even believe.

It was after the sexual revolution and women’s rights movements that military forces and armies around the world began to cater for females in combat units. These days, it’s not uncommon to see brave young women serving side by side with fellow male soldiers in true Wonder Woman style. Read on for the most impressive female soldiers around the world!

1. Russia

Women have been active in the Russian army

Women have been active in the Russian army throughout history performing various functions, either joining in disguise or tacitly accepted by various corps. During WWI, the women established the Women’s Death Brigade, which was one of the most feared and formidable units of the army.

A lot of brave female Russian soldiers have stood out in history. The famous female colonel Maria Bochkareva, who was decorated three times and promoted to senior NCO rank, headed the Death Brigade in 1917.

There is also a story of a group of 12 schoolgirls from Moscow who joined the army in disguise. The current tally of women in the Russian Army stands at around 160,000, representing 10% of Russia’s military strength. But the Russians definitely aren’t the thoughest ones — Click on for more amazing female soldiers.

2. United Kingdom

Its Ministry of Defense website declares that “Everyone’s Welcome,” but women are excluded from most combat and Special Forces units in the British Armed Forces, Royal Marines, and Royal Air Force Regiment. This doesn’t mean that the women can’t don the uniform and feel important for their contribution.

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12 countries with most beautiful female soldiers, according to poll

most beautiful female soldiers, according to poll

Glass ceiling of women is now very much the thing of the past. Women are defying all the odds to grow professionally in almost all areas – and at the present they are among the frontline warriors for defence of their countries.

In several countries, women are able to contribute to military mission in ways they could not before.

Good news that they can drive tanks, fire mortars, and lead infantry soldiers into combat. Some ‘conservatives’ still oppose women’s participation in activities beyond domestic walls. But their opponents are growing in large numbers.

It’s interesting to note that female soldiers of some countries often make headlines primarily for their beauty and charm.

We take a look at female soldiers’, who are actually serving in their respective militaries, but can be mistaken for showbiz celebrity.

A poll was conducted by the prominent newspaper Sun UK to find the sexiest army recruits in the world, with a whopping 2656 votes — a 17% share of the total cast.

Below are the findings of different polls including that of Sun UK over the months. People voted Romanian army as the prettiest. Here’s the list below:

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10 Most Beautiful Female Armed Forces in the World

Females have played many roles in the military as ancient warrior women in history and the women serving in conflicts as commandos, fighters, and soldiers. They have taken part in World War I and II, and many other Civil Wars.

Countries like Israel, Russia and United States have given special importance to women. Today, women are actively participating in different parts of military operations around the world. There are millions of women soldiers in the world military population.

Women as warriors

The thought of women as warriors and soldiers may leave men thinking them as “tough” while some men may think it as “appealing”. But as a whole, when we think of young women, we only think of beauty.

So, when it comes to female armed forces which are the most beautiful in the world? Let’s go through the list of most attractive and beautiful women armed forces from around the world. If you keep a beauty contest for these girls listed, some might win them.

Here goes the list of ten countries with the most beautiful female armed forces in the world:

10. Australia – Women in the Australian Defense Force

Australia – Women in the Australian Defense Force

Australian military is at number 10. The Australian Defense Force is the military organisation responsible for the defense of Australia. Until World War II women were restricted to the Australian Army Nursing Service. In the 1940s, the role of women in defense forces heightened.

Today, ADF inducts women in combat operations as well. The country is full of many extremely hot women. Australian Defense Force is not an exception. Their unique complexion and looks make them one of the best looking female armed forces in the world.


15 Stunning Female Soldiers From Armies Around The World

Female Soldiers From Armies Around The World

When you picture the ideal soldier, it’s probably a man who stands above average height, who has broad shoulders and a trim torso, a square jaw, and a cool, hard look in his eyes. Basically just picture Dolph Lundgren as a shortcut.

When you picture idealized beauty, you probably think not of a towering masculine fighting machine, but of a woman with more delicate, sensual features. As it turns out, there’s no ban on beauty in the armies of the world.

While the female soldiers in these pictures might not fit the standard image of a war fighter, they certainly meet the standards for looking great in uniform.

Soldiers From Armies

If more people on the battle lines looked like this, we would probably have a fair amount less combat and a lot more awkward asking for phone numbers and connection requests on dating apps.

But let’s be clear: though much of the actual frontline fighting remains relegated to males in most armies, the women in these pictures may be beautiful, but they are all 100% legitimate soldiers. The weapons they’re carrying aren’t for looks, they’re for killing people. That said, here are 15 beautiful female soldiers from militaries all around the world.



This woman is named Shu Xin and she is a proud member of China’s massive and mighty People’s Liberation Army. After spotted on guard detail during a G20 meeting in the autumn of 2016, she caused something of an international internet sensation, because just look at that smile.

She Xin became a minor celebrity within China thanks to her looks, even appearing on TV shows and in dozens of pictures that went viral online. She is said to love to sing and dance and, feasibly, enter into the heat of combat.


The Beautiful Female Soldiers around the World

In World War I and World War II, women soldiers served mostly in auxiliary roles and were assigned to non-combat active roles. In 1914 a volunteer nursing service was established by armies in different countries in World War I. Officials estimated that women volunteers relieved 12,000 men for combat in World War I by assuming clerical and other duties.

Beautiful Female Soldiers around the World

During World War II, women’s auxiliaries served in the army, the navy, the air force, and the military police. Below are a potent combination of beauty and power of female soldiers from around the world:
Indonesian Army

Philippines Soldiers

Philippines Soldiers

Mexican Army

Mexican Army


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