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3 Reasons Guys With Tattoos Make The Best Husbands, Says Science

3 Reasons Guys With Tattoos Make
Give us ink or give us death.

Tattoos are still a tad controversial with a certain crowd so it’s natural to feel a little hesitant to bring a guy home with noticeable tattoos. But it’s 2017 goshdarnit so it’s time to stop judging and start loving. After all, a well-placed tattoo is almost the norm these days so you really would just be limiting yourself by making “no tattoos” a deal breaker.

Need more convincing? Here are 3 reasons why men with tattoos make the best husbands. If you don’t agree, you’ve sadly been missing out.

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The Surprising Reason Women Prefer Men With Tattoos As Sex Partners

The Surprising Reason Women Prefer Men

You may think that tattooed men have the advantage at the bar, but perhaps not for the reasons you believe. A new study has delved deeper into what women really think about men with tattoos, and confirmed that yes, fresh ink does help to catch the eyes of ladies, but not because they find it to be more attractive.

Rather, females appreciation for body art stems from their viewing tattoos as a sign of higher levels of testosterone — which might be good for a sex partner but doesn’t automatically translate into a better mate choice.

Personality and Individual

The study now published online in Personality and Individual Differences found that women didn’t rate men with tattoos as being more attractive, but they did rate them as having better health and also being more aggressive, dominant and masculine.

“Our results confirm that adding tattoos changes others’ perception of men,” wrote the researchers. “They also demonstrate that tattoos not only influence female preference, but they may be even more important in male-male competition.”

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What women really think of tattoos

What women really think of tattoos
Tattoos on gentlemen?!” I hear you cry, well yes, but bear with me on this one. If recent statistics are anything to go by, then roughly 20% of people have at least one tattoo – that’s 1 in every 5 men reading this. No longer just the preserve of sailors and biker boys, the tattoo has gone mainstream and its popularity shows no sign of waning.

Whether a silent rebellion beneath a well-ironed Turnbull & Asser shirt or a full blown spider’s web of ‘tats’ creeping up a neck, everyone has an opinion about them. Much like marmite, it seems to be another of those love/hate divides when it comes to women’s opinions of the inky branding of the male body.

So what do women really think of men with tattoos? “Love them!” A friend exclaims bluntly over brunch, “they’re sexy, they’re cool. Yup, just love them.” And, as if like clockwork, almost every other girl at the table chimes in with agreement.

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100 Badass Tattoos For Guys – Masculine Design Ideas

100 Badass Tattoos For Guys

The ink industry has recently witnessed amazing technological strides. As a result, it is possible for men to get badass tattoos that defy all previous possibilities.

If you want to shatter the norms of convention, then now is a good time to pursue the unfettered sex appeal of badass ink. This category is wide-ranging, but there is a mindfully masculine commonality that underlies every piece. Overall, the goal is to showcase something that audiences have never seen before.

With an advanced emblazonment, it is possible to utilize tricks of the eye. Creating the impression of tears in the skin is one route to facilitating extraordinary body art. Usually, badass tattoos are comprehensively intertwined, so they may take several inking sessions to finalize.

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