35 Trend Short Curly Hairstyles For Men Stylish ideas

Different Hairstyles For Men Short Hair Images

Curly Hairstyles For Men are often misconstrued as hard to manage. Are you having trouble taming your curly hair? Do you have to fight the urge to either let it grow out of control or just shave it off? Take a step back and check out our style guide of some of the trendiest short hairstyles for men with curly hair.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to go all out with long locks like Carrot Top, however you’ll be surprised by how sleek shorter length styles can look!

To see what I mean, just explore this guide below with the top best short curly hairstyles for men below. I’ve included all sorts of masculine haircuts with plenty of variety to admire like shaved sides, fades and more.

Grow your hair out

If you want to grow your hair out, you’ll still need to make regular visits to the barber, even if your goal is to look like Kit Harington at the end. Whether you want long curly hair for volume and movement or short curls for an easy, low-maintenance look, these styles will have you looking stylish. 

Naturally, wavy hair can pose a few challenges, but it also has the advantage of looking fuller and standing out from the omnipresent crowds of straight-haired, side-parted clones.

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curly hairstyles for men images

The curly side part works just as well on wavy, thicker hair as it would with straight hair. Ask your barber to trim your hair shorter down each side and leave a long length on top. 

curly hairstyles for short hair male

With the right cut and product for your unique texture, you can have an awesome looking cut at almost any length. We all know that curly hair isn’t the easiest to manage. One minute you’re rocking glossy Shirley Temple ringlets and the next you look like Lenny Kravitz, and not in a good way. 

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Curly Hairstyles For Men



In the past, straight hair  for men the coarseness of straight hair garnered a reputation for difficulty in the styling realm. Now thickness is a factor to be embraced instead of shunned. This is because today’s grooming products are uniquely advanced. Scientists have excelled at delivering maximum control over the wiliest of follicles.

If you’re looking for the best hairstyles for men with straight hair, you can not go wrong with the hottest trends in menswear! Best of all, straight hairstyles are incredibly easy and require minimal care, as they never become frizzy, wavy or curly. If you have straight hair and you are not too sure how to style it, give it volume, or rock on your everyday basis, we will help you figure it out.

Your hair cut

Prep for the heat by lightening up your hair cut to something shorter and easier to manage. Depending on your hair type and maintenance preference, some short hairstyles will work better than others. Remember, everyone has different hair textures, lengths, colors, and styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment till you find the perfect look for your particular lifestyle.

In the modern world, a man’s hairstyle is a calling card that tells everything about the wearer. Here, we’ve collected the latest styling ideas for all hair types, lengths, textures, and images. Find your style in the variety!

medium length hairstyles men images

No matter how you may try to avoid it, your hair will always reach that ‘awkward stage’ where one side is slightly longer than the other, or the sides of your head become so unbearably unmanageable that you’ll find yourself going through hair products like they’re out of fashion.

In fact, the premise of Manly Curls and of my two books is to grab everything concerning male hair and boil it down to a solid foundation that you can then easily and conveniently recreate, customize and benefit from.

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Trend Short Curly Hairstyles For Men


37 Accurate Medium Hairstyles For Men Best Length Ideas


Whether medium hairstyles for men you’re growing your hair out, don’t want to commit to an extreme cut or need a way to style out a switch-up, there is no shortage of classic and on-trend tresses to pick from this year. Medium length hairstyles for men are very popular these days.

Arguably one of the hottest men’s hairstyles of 2019- 2020, medium length haircuts offer more flexibility in styling than both short or long hairstyles. 

With medium length hair, whether you’re rocking it long on top and sharp on the sides, or leaving at tousled and fuss-free, you’re open to more styling options that can be part shaved, straight, wavy and of course, with as little or as much product in your hair as you like.

Having longer hair

Most men assume that having long hair will come with an abundance of upkeep that they don’t have the time or energy for, but that is the joy with medium length hair, you can choose to leave it natural and shaggy looking or put some effort into making it look exactly how you would like for a special event.

People often try to follow the styles of their favourite celebrities and models, who look attractive to them. It is one of the best ways to start creating a unique style for “a newborn” in the fashion industry.

medium hairstyles for men images

But this won’t be the case forever as medium length haircuts are some of the most timeless and versatile haircuts for men that can be worn for any occasion, smart or casual. Strike a happy medium with these nine medium men’s haircuts and hairstyles for men with medium-length hair.

medium hairstyles for.men with thick hair

(Pro tip: Hairstyles aren’t really reserved for certain ages these days. The shorter the sides, the more contrast and attention on your longer hair on top. Similarly, faded or undercut sides means less maintenance because you won’t have to style the hair there.

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Modern (Fade Hairstyles) for Men Haircut Types

Cool Fade Haircut for Boys Modern Style

The fade hairstyles for men is a modern style that gives the sides of your head a new lease on life. Gone are the days of boring, and shortly shaved sides. Say hello to a brand new way to add texture and style to any look, no matter what sort of hairstyle you have going on over the top of your fade of choice.

Check out some of the coolest fade hairstyles for men you can get right now! Fade haircuts are among one of the most popular hairstyles for men, in part so due to the many different types of fades you can ask for. it’s a masterful cut that involves subtly blending hair lengths.

Fade hair style for man

with a clipper, scissors, or often both – to give the hair at the back and sides of the head a smoothly graduated or ‘faded’ effect.

The hair gets progressively shorter as it goes down the head until it blends in with the skin. This gradual fade looks sharp and neat, with no messy or unsightly edges or rough spots. It lacks any significant scalp exposure, it can be used as the basis for several different styles up top from a neat scissor crop to longer, more dramatic styles.

On-trend cut features a longer length on top that quickly transitions into faded sides. Thanks to the extra length on top, this haircut is versatile and can be worn with a variety of styles, including a pompadour, quiff, or slicked-back look.

If you’ve been rocking an undercut, pompadour or classic curly locks, give your hair a fresh update by adding a high fade. Not sure where to begin? Put that razor down and take a seat, because we’re here to reveal the best high fade haircuts to try this year.

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 30  Men’s Medium Wavy Hairstyles Haircut Inspiration


Looking for a new men medium wavy hairstyles that are not too long or too short? When it comes to medium length hair, it can add some serious character for some creative and strong men. It is a just right choosing a length any hairstyles cut ideas. In this article, you can find a new idea of the top best hairstyles waiting for you.

These hairstyles get you natural formal and businessmen styles. It’s the best reason why so many active men and guys choose this new trend cut at the barbershop.

Today medium length hair you can see with the many popular celebrities, for example, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Colin Farrell. Top things you should remember when you think about wavy styles. The best key is to understand that this style for guys and men suited only with naturally thicker hair.

best men's haircut for curly hair images for copy
best men’s haircut for curly hair images

Curly Comb Over/Side Part

Ask your barber to trim your hair men medium wavy hairstyles down each side and leave a long length on top. To make things even easier, we’d advise getting a hard part bladed in to save you heaps of time in the morning. Use your hands to style hair to one side. Once dry, rub a wax through the hair for hold and natural shine.

What are some medievall hairstyles for men and guys
What are some medievall hairstyles for men and guys

If you want to know how to make curly hair wavy, invest in a sea salt spray which can give more of a wave to the curls. With shorter hair, you’ll also find that high hold products will help create the style you’re trying to achieve and actually keep it in place throughout the day.   

With shorter hairstyles, using a blow dryer can be key because you can basically get your hair close to the style you want without any product – the styling product will then be used to finish off the look and lock it in place.

men's hairstyles medium wavy hair ideas
men’s hairstyles medium wavy hair ideas

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hairstyles get you a natural formal and businessmen styles

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men’s medium length wavy hairstyles cut ideas

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Top 29 Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men Type

Low Fade Haircuts for Men hairstyle

Sometimes stylish low fade haircuts it seems as if women have all the fun when it comes to stylish cuts and color options. The low fade cut is an enduring style that’s been around in various forms for generations.

Add some unique character to your cut without being too flashy about it. Like the high fade, the low fade will still give you considerably sharp looking sides.

To give you a better idea of how this cut looks, I’ve put together a collection of the top  29 best low fade haircuts for men below.

low skin fade haircuts

Low Fade Crew Cut

Low Taper Fade + Long Comb Over

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Top 29 Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men

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30 Best  Men’s Medium Wavy Hairstyles Character

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Best 25 (Kim Kardashian) Hairstyles trendy Haircuts


Top Kim Kardashian hairstyles west have garnered a lot of attention for her acting and fashion ventures. The actress has an impeccable sense of style which inspires thousands of women and girls. She is one of the highest-earning actresses in the American television industry and a successful active businesswoman. Photos from @gettyimages

Best 25 Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

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Cute 30 Toe Tattoos For Women

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Top 15 Coolest Teenage Boy and Guy stylish Haircuts


Teenage is the time of enjoyment and living life to its fullest. When it comes to the hairstyle of teenage guys, you better give them space for tremendous creativity. These teen boy haircuts cover those bases and are also easy to style. You can look great without a lot of time to work on hair or money to spend on products. 

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

 Superior Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys

 Best Teen Boy Haircuts + Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Coolest Teenage Boy + Guy Haircuts to Look Fresh

Teen Boy Haircuts and Hairstyles That are Currently

Eight Classic Haircuts for Teen Boys

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Best 40 Deer Tattoos Designs For Men

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Cool 15 Haircuts For Boys Trendy Hair types

Top Haircuts For Boys DIFFERENT TYPES

With so many cool boys haircuts and hairstyles these days, it’s hard to choose the best look for your kids no matter their hair type. In fact, your little toddler or baby boy may just have his own opinion and sense of style already. 

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Superior Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys

 Cute Little Boy Haircuts to Try in

 Cool Haircuts for Kids for

Excellent School Haircuts for Boys  Styling

23 Comb Over Fade Haircuts for Men Different Types


The comb over fade haircuts for men is not only classy and trendy, but versatile enough to work with many styles and looks. Ultimately, the taper fade comb over haircut is best suited for the modern man, and offers one of the coolest men’s hairstyles for any face or hair type. 

The Best Guide To Men's Fade Haircuts You'll Ever Read for men

trend of the Top Men's Fades Haircuts

 Cool Mid Fade Haircuts for Men and guys

 Stylish High Fade Haircuts for Men

Sexy Fade Haircuts for Guys  and men

How to Give the Best Fade Haircut

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Top Cool Haircuts For Boys 2019

Cool 20 Hairstyles For Men Trendy Wavy short haircuts


To get a jump start on the hottest cool hairstyles for men of the new year, we put together this list of stylish hairstyles for men. From the classic undercut to the modern pompadour, there is an awesome men’s hairstyle for every occasion that will keep you looking sexy and great.

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 Cool & Stylish Short Hairstyles For Men

Having a nice hair style can make a guy

 Best Trendy Hairstyles For Men
 Different Inspirational Haircuts for Men

Cool Hairstyles For Men and guys

 23 Comb Over Fade Haircuts for Men

30 medium long hairstyles for man modern haircuts


For casual days, medium-long men hairstyles it’s effortless to get away with a messy and natural, just rolled out of bed look. Yet, with a little pomade or your favorite hair cream, you can quickly transform your appearance into a professional one.

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 Coolest Mid-Length Hairstyles That Won't Make

 Must-Have Medium Hairstyles for Men  and guys

top Medium Long Men's Hairstyles

Hot Women in Russian Police and Military

The Best Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men

Best 15 Long Hairstyles For Men Haircut Different types


Long hairstyles for men can oftentimes be difficult to cut, style and pull off, but if you’re one of those guys with long hair who can rock the look, then these cool styles are perfect for you!

Whether you want to change up your look or are considering growing your hair out and need some longer hair options, here are some sexy hairstyles for men with long hair!

Best Long Hairstyles For Men

look or are considering growing your hair out

Sexy Long Hairstyles for Men and guys

The Best Long Hairstyles For Men now

Top Incredible Long Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men

 Stately Long Hairstyles for Men

 Modern Long Hairstyles For Men

best Long Hairstyles For Young Men

long hairstyles for men with thick hair

hair style for man long face

long (12 curly) hair for guys trendy style Ideas


Once considered only popular among rock gods, surfers and skateboarders, the community of long-haired men continues to rapidly gain members thanks to fashionable appeal. From shoulder-scraping styles to manes that reach the lower back, long hair is stylish and adaptable.

 Sexy Long Layered Hair Ideas to Create Effortless

 Greatest Long Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

 Date Night Worthy Sexy Hairstyles For Long Hair for men and guys

Long Hair Cuts on Sexy Long Hairstyles For Men

Irresistibly Sexy Long Hairstyles for Men

Irresistibly Sexy Long Hairstyles for Men  and guys

 Sexy Hairstyles That Are Actually Easy to Do

 Cute Layered Hairstyles and Cuts for men

ideas about long hair styles

best Sexy Long Hairstyles for Men in 2021

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