37 Accurate Medium Hairstyles For Men Best Length Ideas

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Whether medium hairstyles for men you’re growing your hair out, don’t want to commit to an extreme cut or need a way to style out a switch-up, there is no shortage of classic and on-trend tresses to pick from this year. Medium length hairstyles for men are very popular these days.

Arguably one of the hottest men’s hairstyles of 2019- 2020, medium length haircuts offer more flexibility in styling than both short or long hairstyles. 

With medium length hair, whether you’re rocking it long on top and sharp on the sides, or leaving at tousled and fuss-free, you’re open to more styling options that can be part shaved, straight, wavy and of course, with as little or as much product in your hair as you like.

Having longer hair

Most men assume that having long hair will come with an abundance of upkeep that they don’t have the time or energy for, but that is the joy with medium length hair, you can choose to leave it natural and shaggy looking or put some effort into making it look exactly how you would like for a special event.

People often try to follow the styles of their favourite celebrities and models, who look attractive to them. It is one of the best ways to start creating a unique style for “a newborn” in the fashion industry.

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But this won’t be the case forever as medium length haircuts are some of the most timeless and versatile haircuts for men that can be worn for any occasion, smart or casual. Strike a happy medium with these nine medium men’s haircuts and hairstyles for men with medium-length hair.

medium hairstyles for.men with thick hair

(Pro tip: Hairstyles aren’t really reserved for certain ages these days. The shorter the sides, the more contrast and attention on your longer hair on top. Similarly, faded or undercut sides means less maintenance because you won’t have to style the hair there.

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