10 Handguns for Women Self-Defense new shooters

Handguns for Women
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When it comes to shooting guns, women have different gun needs from men

Handguns for women defense That is why women should not be expected to shoot a gun in the same way as a man

1. Sig Sauer P320

Sig Sauer P320 handguns

This one will come first in the list because it has a great design, which a lot of women will love. Its sleek, sexy design will easy impress any shooter out there. It is also a very powerful firearm, which sells it out easily especially to the tough woman who wants to shoot like a pro.
Sig Sauer P320 is one of the newest handguns in the market, but it is great in so many ways. In early 2017, it was picked by the US army as the new service pistol.

This is worth noting for any woman who wants to shoot a great gun in every sense.
To start with, it is very affordable, selling at about $599. It also comes with amazing features that may be appealing to women shooters. One of its best features is that it offers separate grip modules in different sizes. This allows users to tailor the firearm according to their hand sizes.

Handle handguns availabl Handguns for Women Defense

This is the reason it is one of the easiest to handle handguns available today, especially to women with smaller hands. These grip modules are very easy to get and are reasonably priced, just like the gun itself.

Users can also get caliber-x change kits without having to buy another gun this means that you will not have to spend so much money in getting your preferred caliber with a range of grip and slide lengths. You will always get to use your gun for whatever need you have.

• Its great design is something that will attract a lot of women shooters
• You do not need so much money in order to afford such a powerful firearm. It is one of the most affordable, great firearms in the market today.
• It is the best choice for women with smaller hands. This is all thanks to the grip modules that are sold separately

2. Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm

This is a slim, highly concealable, light in weight and striker-fired polymer pistol. It is the kind of firearm that will be a great choice for any woman shooter out there. It is new in the market, and available in 9mm.

In design, it is slim, with all the proven and trusted features that you can get in an M&P pistol.

What you will love about this gun is its easy to conceal one-inch profile. It has an optimized 18 degree grip angle too among its professional-grade features. All these assures every user out there of an easy to operate and highly reliable gun in terms of performance.

Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm  easy to handle
light in weight and striker-fired polymer pistol

Smith & Wesson Shield is chambered in 9mm to give its user a proven stopping power. It comes in a high-stretch polymer frame with a black, corrosion resistant finish that is durable. Its slide and barrel are coated in stainless steel to keep it safe and for a long time service.

Together with its standard 3.1 inch barrel, its length totals to 6.1 inches. It has an unloaded weight of 19 ounces. This is the reason why it is too easy to handle.

This is the kind of gun that can assure you of faster target acquisition, thanks to its 5.3 inch sight radius. It has also been enhanced with a short and consistent trigger pull that weighs about 6.5 pounds.

Stopping power Handguns for Women Defense

With this, women can enjoy a concealed carry particularly those who need their gun everyday
It is easy to handle, light in weight, with a perfect size for ease of use and carry
With this gun, you get a quick and audible reset, which has been enabled by its striker-fired action
The user can place multiple rounds on his target both accurately and consistently.
In terms of performance, the gun is very reliable.

3. Glock 43- 9mm

For a lot of women, a small and light in weight firearm is just what they need. This is a part of what Glock 43 is all about. Its low magazine capacity plus its smaller frame is what makes easy to use in different situations. It is the kind of gun that has been designed for concealed carry.

Women are usually not comfortable carrying a gun openly, unlike men. That is why Glock 43’s concealed carry is desired by many over an even greater magazine capacity. Its narrow profile is also reason enough for any woman shooter to choose it over so many others in the market.

Glock 43- 9mm designed for concealed carry
For a woman, a heavy gun

For a woman, a heavy gun is a no go zone, as it wears them out very easily. Glock 43 is exceptional though, as it is the smallest as well as the lightest of any 9mm compact. Its slide is also narrower than any of its 9mm contenders.

Reliability and ability Handguns for Women Defense

Other than that, you will love its reliability and ability to shoot accurately. It is a very comfortable gun to shoot for women as its small frame fit perfectly in their smaller hands. You can fully control it while firing in order not to miss the target.

This is easy to do thanks to its lightweight construction. It is also snappy; therefore, you can hit the target faster.

Thanks to its smaller frame and slide, the shooter’s hands can feel all its 9mm rounds charge. The follow up shots can also be sent with great accuracy.

This is a single stack 9mm firearm that is highly concealable.
Its small size makes it easy to handle by women
It is light, thin, with a small frame, making it easy to handle and carry
It is highly reliable, just like all the guns in the Glock family

4. Glock 19, Gen 4

This is a great choice for women for a number of reasons. One, it is very affordable, retailing for about $549. The other reason may be because there is enough information online about this gun. This means that one can easily check out what they need to know about the gun before they use it for an easier time.

Above all, it has amazing features that will be of great help to any woman shooter, both newbies and experienced. It comes fitted with modular back straps that can be used to easily adjust the grip size.

Glock 19, Gen 4 great help to any woman shooter
great help to any woman shooter

The gun is very easy to use. It also has minimal controls, which makes it the best choice for any woman shooter out there. It doesn’t have a hammer; instead, it has a simple striker and a trigger pull that is very consistent.

Learning how to operate Handguns for Women Defense

It is the kind of gun that will give you no headaches when learning how to operate it. It is simply constructed; therefore, you may not need any instruction to learn how to use it. You can start shooting with it like a pro with minimal training.

It is a small sized gun, light in weight; polymer framed and has a safe action trigger system as well as dual recoil springs. These are also good reasons why it will work perfectly for women shooters and newbies.

What’s more, experienced shooters will love it too. Not because of its ease of use though but for its enlarged reversible magazine catch!

In addition to all this, users will enjoy lots of its accessories, which are readily available in the market. You will for instance find holsters that have been designed for different types of women. It will therefore be very easy to carry this gun.

  • This is a very easy to use gun. It has minimum controls and learning it will be very easy
  • It is small sized and light in weight
  • This is a very safe gun to shoot even for beginners. It for instance has a safe action trigger system and dual recoil springs
  • Its enlarged reversible magazine will be an additional benefit to women shooters

5. Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard

For women who prefer revolvers over all the other kinds of handguns, you will love this one. It is compact and sleek, just what women look out for when shopping for firearms. It is very easy to carry, and comes in a very comfortable platform.

Wesson M&P Bodyguard revolvers over all the other kinds of handguns
revolvers over all the other kinds of handguns

The Bodyguard weighs only 14 ounces, which makes it perfect for women. No woman would want to carry a heavy and large handgun. As long as it has all the features you find useful in a gun, you are good to go.

Smaller models are also a preference of many women, and this is just what this handgun is all about. You will enjoy handling it and using it as much as you want without tiring your hands. For a first timer, it has a laser sight, which is a great feature that can help instill some confidence in you.

Gun is designed for all types

The gun is designed for all types of users, whether you are left handed or right handed. It comes with ambidextrous cylinder for both cases.

The gun has a larger capacity; therefore, it may be the best choice for women who want it for long shooting. It features a high strength polymer frame, with a black matte coated stainless steel slide and barrel.

This is a simple to use, light in weight handgun, an incredible way to protect oneself
Its high strength polymer frame gives it a solid feel, which makes handling it much easier
It is a great quality handgun that can serve you for a very long time.

6. Ruger LC9

This is one of the simplest handguns available today. It suits women shooters perfectly as well as first time shooters. Women tend to shy away from complicate guns unlike men, which is why such easy to use guns are best suited for them.

Ruger LC9 The gun is also light in weight
The gun is also light in weight

There is more to this amazing firearm though, which is a guaranteed concealed carry. It is not easy for a woman to carry a gun openly even those in law enforcement. They will prefer a small in size gun that they can easily carry in a handbag or a tote bag, which is just what the Ruger LC9 is about.

The gun is also light in weight, which doesn’t bother women at all even if they carry it the entire day. It works very well if carried in an ankle holster.

Reliability of this firearm Handguns for Women Defense

When it comes to performance, you will love the reliability of this firearm. It is the best gun to use for self defense. This is because its cartridge is designed specifically for self defense.

As if this is all not enough, the gun is very affordable. At only $379, you will get to enjoy its amazing features.

This is a small sized gun, a perfect choice for many women shooters especially those with small hands. It is light in weight too, therefore less cumbersome especially if you need to carry it daily
You get to enjoy a concealed carry whenever you bring your gun with you
It is a beautiful gun, something that goes very well with women. It is slim and quite sophisticated.

7. KAHR CW9 9mm Luger Handguns for Women Defense

This is great for women who are looking for an easy to use gun with some class. For women, the way a gun looks matters so much, which makes this an amazing choice. You will love its silver body and sleek design, which is the reason why many people are attracted to it.

To add to this, the gun has a great reputation as an unfailing self defense tool. It is also great for concealed carry. For women who have to carry their gun but are not confident enough to carry it openly, you will comfortably carry this whenever you go.

KAHR CW9 9mm Luger great for women
looking for an easy to use gun with some class

At just 0.9 inches wide, you will love just how slim it is. This is the reason why it is great for a conceal carry.

It has a fairly simple design which makes it simple and easy to use by many women and first time users. However, it lacks some of the flashy features that can be found in other handguns.

Even with that, you will love how easy it is to shoot it. It is the kind of gun you can use for all your needs as it fits just right. It is ready to use, out of the box. In addition to this, it is affordably priced. It is therefore a perfect choice of handgun not just for beginners but for experienced shooters as well.

This is a very strong and rigid gun, thanks to its polymer frame plus steel inserts.
It is very easy to use, light in weight and small in size, all which makes it a great choice for women shooters.

8. Sig Sauer P250

The double action trigger pull is the main attraction to this revolver. It is a hammer-fired gun that comes with great advantages when it comes to grip size, modularity and accessory availability. It is the best choice for women who are looking for a handgun with the double action trigger pull.

Its double action element makes it a little tougher to shoot when compared to striker-based guns. However, for women who want to shoot a tough gun, or even to add one to their collection, this is the best choice.

Sig Sauer P250 hammer-fired gun  great advantages
hammer-fired gun that comes with great advantages

At only $429, you will not break the bank to get it. It is a very easy to use gun, a lot more exciting than some of the ones reviewed above. Its features are more similar as those of the P320.

Other features that make it more appealing to women shooters are its modular design as well as its Sig Sauer locking system. It is not the kind of gun that is shot by a casual user. It is therefore a great tool that will make you feel like a pro even if you are just getting started.

Shooters who struggle Handguns for Women Defense

There is a .380 ACP version of this gun for women shooters who struggle with hand strength or upper body strength. It is also meant for women who find it hard to rack a slide or even to control recoil.

Its only problem is that it may be a bit hard and also expensive to find its ammo. However, it is a great gun to use especially for self defense. With the newer ammunition technology developments, this will be a great choice for many shooters.

9. Glock 26 – 9mm

Self defense is important to women; just the same it is for men. Women need a weapon they can count on even in times of emergencies in order to stay safe. For women, the gun has to be of the right size, reliable and accurate, and this is what you get from a Glock 26.

Glock 26 – 9mm  Women need a weapon they can count
Women need a weapon they can count

To start with, it is of the right size for a concealed carry. This makes carrying it easier even during the day, without calling for attention. For women in law enforcement, this might just what you need.

Glock 26 is also popular for its reliability. It is the kind of gun that will not let you down in any situation. This is another reason why it is great for self defense. Its accuracy makes it even better, since you can never miss a target so easily.

Great for women Handguns for Women Defense

It is just a simple gun though, which makes it great for women and first time shooters. Generally, women prefer a gun they can easily use, without having to master so many techniques, and this one is great.

It is also light in weight, at just 19.8 oz. This makes carrying it whenever you need to use it easier especially for women.

It is however best suited for women with larger hands. Its grip is a bit thick and therefore may not be suitable for women with smaller hands.

It is perfect for concealed carry
It is a semi-automatic handgun with short recoil
This gun is a lightweight

10. Rock Island Armory Ultra FS 9mm

This is a perfect gun choice for a beginner as well as women shooters. Even though it has a lighter trigger, it has lots of other features that women shooters will love so much.

To get started, you can enjoy dealing with the manual thumb safety. This is very important in the proper engagement of grip safety. You can also start by learning how to tear it down and reassemble it, which will be necessary when cleaning it.

For a woman who needs a classic gun with an amazing historic appeal, this is a good choice. Its reliability makes it even better.

Rock Island Armory Ultra FS 9mm
perfect gun choice for a beginner as well

It has an all steel construction, which makes it strong and rigid. It has very manageable recoil too. If you get the original government size, you will love it even more. This is because it is much easier to learn how to grip. You can easily manipulate and shoot it.

It comes with enough options for grip panels, which include slim versions and ones with cutouts, so as to accommodate users with smaller hands. It will be easy for every user to reach the magazine release.

The gun comes with grips in different colors, materials and textures too. They are easily customizable, for users to add some beauty and function to their grips as per their preference.

This is a top quality production, a gun that has been produced in the best engineering standards.


It is smooth angled and has a snag free style, which makes drawing very fast especially in emergency situations

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