Drink Instead of Soda

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6 Healthy Things To Drink Instead of Soda

It drink instead of soda matter if you are trying to quit drinking soda, or if you are trying to find ways to stay more hydrated. If you’re an awesome woman with super powers you need to find a way to stay hydrated even when you HATE water!

1. Fresh Fruit Spritzers

These are even better than the suggestion above. It’s a blend of fresh fruit, with soda water that gives you all the yummy fiber from the fruit and no added sugar!

2. Flavored iced teas

There are so many delicious flavored teas out there that taste amazing without any sweetener, so sometimes in the summer I’ll brew some and put it over ice for a super refreshing, sugar free drink.

3. Coconut Water

This is one of the most refreshing things you can drink on a hot day or after a workout. Full of vitamins and electrolytes it helps the body to balance out and refuel after a sweaty session at the gym.

To get the most out of this drink, go for an organic brand that only minimally processes the coconut water. The more it’s treated, the more of its goodness is lost, so try to pick a good brand.

4. One Word, Izze Sparkling Juice

When I am out to eat and need to grab a drink, I check and see if they have Izze Sparkling Juice.

Izze has no added sugar. It’s only sweetened with fruit and rarely has caffeine.

The Clementine flavor is my favorite! This is the way I go first before I break for a soda. 99% of the time it’s just enough to keep me from going back to the Dew. Here are some of the other awesome Izze flavors.

5. Unsweetened Tea

As you drink less and less sugared drinks you’ll notice you won’t crave it as much. Unsweetened tea used to be disgusting to you. Now you keep a pitcher in the fridge for you to grab when you feel the urge.

If a girl that grew up in the South, aka the CAPITAL of sweet tea, can learn to drink unsweetened tea so can you! I promise.

If you just can’t get past it, feel free to add some stevia drops to your tea to sweeten it without sugar.

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