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Sometimes, it’s hard to stick to your budget

That’s what I’m here for.

I went from knowing nothing about money at all to using a monthly budget that I update regularly with success.
I’m going to walk you through exactly how to create a budget so you’re successful.

You can learn how to budget by using the steps below.
Before you start budgeting, download my budget spreadsheets. Use these throughout the post. They’re what I use, so I know they work!

Once you have your preferred budget ready, you can move to step 1!

To create a budget, first, you should calculate your income.

List all of your income in your budgeting tool (whether that’s at the top of a page or in an excel spreadsheet. This step is really important. Don’t leave anything out (like rental income or extra income from a side job). Include all sources of income.

Your income is what you’ll subtract your expenses from.

For a lot of people, this is simply the money they take home from their salary. But if you are a business owner or if you have additional income from a side hustle, you will want to include all of your income on your budget. Try your best to estimate what your monthly income will be for this month. If your income is inconsistent, take the average of the last three months income and use that as your income.

Here’s an example.

1. Income

  • Take home pay from job: $4,000
  • Babysitting income: $500
  • Blog income: $400

That’s it for step 1!

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Make a Personal Budget in 7 Steps

A Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Budget

Make a Personal Budget in 7 StepsA personal or household budget is an itemized summary of expected income and expenses for a defined period of time, most frequently one month. While the word budget has negatively become synonymous with restricted spending just as diet has become synonymous with restricted eating, a budget should really mean more efficient spending.

A budget will show you how much money you expect to bring in against all of your expenditures from the required expenses like house payments and rent to discretionary spending like entertainment.

Instead of viewing a budget as a negative, view it as a tool for achieving your financial goals.

What a Budget Does

As a personal financial planning tool, a written, monthly budget allows you to plan for how you will spend and/or save your money each month and also keep track of your spending patterns.

Though making a budget may not sound like the most exciting activity (and for some, it is downright scary), it is vital to keeping your financial house in order as budgets rely on balance. If you spend less in one area, you can spend more in another or choose to save that money for a larger future purchase, building a “rainy day” fund, or even for retirement.

Before you begin to make your budget, it is important to realize that in order to be successful you have to provide as much detailed and accurate information as possible. Ultimately, the end result of your new budget will show you where your money is coming from, how much is there, and where it is all going each month.

With a budget, you can begin to prioritize your spending and better manage your money and financial future.

How to Make a Budget
The following is a step-by-step guide to making an accurate and helpful personal budget.

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7 Insanely Amazing Tips For Achieving Financial Freedom

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This post contains some really amazing tips for achieving financial freedom.

Money. One of the single most important things in our lives that determines most of what we experience in life. What we eat, where we go to school, how good our health care is…everything really. Money determines the quality of our lives whether we want to believe that or not.

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The saddest part of me saying all this is knowing that because money plays such an integral part in our lives, some are imprisoned by the need to get and keep as much as possible. Sometimes, though, no matter how hard you try, you never seem to get control of their finances, because of the lack the knowledge of how to become financially free. Financial freedom is one of the main ways to truly have control over your finances and by extension your life.

This post may contain affiliate linksIf you don’t master your finances and achieve financial freedom, you will forever feel imprisoned by money. This is why I wrote this post. As a young person on a mission to financial freedom-the ability to work smart enough so that in a few years, I can live my life without needing to physically work for money-I wanted to share some of the top tricks I have learned from others who have mastered their finances and are living financially free lifestyles.

Before we start, financial freedom is more than being able to afford all your expenses comfortably. It’s about never again having to worry about the lack of money.

Having peace of mind when the subject of money comes up because you’ve invested either your time or money wisely and can see great results from your efforts. It’s about being confident and fully aware of your finances and how to keep it invested and safe and also how to keep increasing it year after year.

Here Are Amazing Tips For Achieving Financial Freedom You Need To Know About

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6 Keys to Mastering Money as a Couple

6 Keys to Mastering Money as a CoupleIf you are reading this then you are probably thinking and strategizing about how you and your honey handle money. Congratulations! In strategizing about how you manage money as a couple, you are well and truly ahead of the curve! I won’t bore or depress you with statistics about money and marriage, or rather divorce. Instead, here are six keys to thriving in the money aspect of your relationship and/or marriage.

1.Talk about money
This applies to all aspects of money. Share with your partner details of your income, assets, that credit card debt you don’t remember why you have, hefty student loans, how much your siblings borrow from you, how much your parents expect from you, how you feel about all of this, all of it. Lay all your cards on the table; anything that you think is even remotely relevant to how you will handle money as a couple.

The saying “we are as sick as our secrets” is true here too. Share all in the safety of your relationship. Not only will it help cultivate a team spirit, it will also be a huge intimacy booster. Not to mention, it’s incredibly liberating.

2. Develop a common vision

This is a favorite part of mine, because it’s all about Team Us; our desires and our intentions. It is the foundation for every financial strategy, so be very honest.

Discuss your goals and your expectations, with particular attention to the role of money in them. Big ticket ones include decisions about purchasing a home, having and raising children, travel and lifestyle.

Be careful not to assume that your partner knows what you want, or that you want the same things or have the same expectations as your partner when it comes to finances. Be as clear as possible without getting bogged down by the details. There is no need to try to plan everything to a tee, that is impossible.

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3. Know all your expenses
Yes, all of them. You will be surprised what you spend money on, let alone what your partner spends money on. Keep a meticulous record of all your outlays for a period of 2-3 months. I’m talking

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