How to Get More Followers

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How to Get More Followers

How to Get More Likes and Followers with Addmefast faster

How to Get More Likes and Followers

Social networking sites are very helpful to promote blogs and products. Nowadays Social presence is very important to all. Especially Bloggers, there is no life without social networking sites.
Everyday bloggers post thousands of new articles and promoting their content through Social site. After this, they are waiting to get traffic from various social media and bookmarking site. Here I am introducing the most effective way to promote your blog/product page through social media within a short time.

Promote your blog is one of the top sites to promote your blog and product pages socially. I tested a lot of sites like this but I hardly got 100 Free Facebook Likes in one month. it is very hard to get likes, posts likes, profile likes, twitter followers and tweets etc.
The easiest way to get this type of activity within your blog is just trying for add me fast. This is like a game when you earn points by Liking others page and use the same points to get social activity on your site i.e., to get Facebook likes, shares, Twitter followers and Google plus followers.

AddmeFast supports following network sites

How to Get More Likes
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Google plus
  • Vkontakte
  • Pinterest
  • Myspace
  • Reverbnation
  • Soundcloud
  • Stumbleupon

How to register in

Account is a very easiest process

Registration in Add me fast account is a very easiest process. It completes within 2 minutes. Just follow the steps below 

Step 1 Open addmefast link below.
Step 2 Click on “Registration” link (or) click on “Try For Free Now” option.
Step 3 Then fill the Registration form with your details like Email, Password and given captcha word
Step 4 Activate your account by clicking activation link sent to your Email. Now you have completed signup process. That’s it.

How to add My site or Pages in account?

This is a simple process.
1. Log in to your account Dashboard
2. Click on “Add Site/Page”, which is located on the left sidebar with Green box.
3. Now you are on “Add / Edit Content” page. Select type of page you are adding (Eg: If you are using for Facebook Likes just select “Facebook Likes” option from the drop down menu in Type menu
4. Now add your Facebook Page in Site / Page URL.
5. Adjust the clicks number if it required a limit. (Example:Total clicks – 100 and Daily Click – 20)
6. Daily clicks mean Total Likes (or) shares (or) Followers. This number mainly depends on CPC.
7. Now adjust the CPC (Cost Per Click) from 2 to 10. I am suggesting the digit ‘3’. It gives wonderful results.
8. Finally ‘Save the changes’. That’s it.

 How to start my work to get points?

•After login into your account, open and login into your newly created Facebook account in a new tab.
• Now select “Facebook Likes” from the left bar of your addmefast account.
•Then click on “Like” box, like the page will open a new window.
• Click on Like button in the opened like page. The page will close automatically within seconds or wait up to close the window. After close the window, the allotted point will be added to your addmefast account. The added point will consume for your added pages (like Facebook Like Google followers and Twitter followers). That’s it.

Major points to know about sidebar options

Here there are many services where you can increase your social media value. Let us start with the terminologies-
• Add site / Page: This is the place to add your page which you want to optimize this can varies from Facebook like to increase your Youtube views or subscribers. The details already explained above.
My Sites: This is the place to pause, play, edit and delete your added site details. My advice does not delete any campaign pages from here. Just pause it If you want to restart the campaign you need to contact the admin via a support ticket so pausing is better than deleting.

Clicks or use services

Daily Bonus: Addmefast allows you to get a daily bonus of 150 points every day once you do at least 20 clicks or use services.
Buy points: you can buy the points starting from 10$ to 400$ and then easily divide the points for various campaigns.
Website hits (Autosurf): This is also very good one. If you click this option, the link will open in new tab then starts auto surfing other sites simultaneously points will be added to your account


Add me fast provide excellent services to increase your Facebook likes twitter followers etc. It is based on the coin system where the coins get deducted automatically once the user clicks on your campaign. The number of coins every day allowed by addmefast is 100 as a bonus. But if you are looking out to manage various social media enhancement you need more coins.

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