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Female artists tattoo industry for a long time the art of tattooing was a man’s game. Firstly in the past decade, women who have been tearing it up in the inked world! Secondly now most women like Kat Von D and Megan Massacre, are basically household so following her names.

There are some other seriously talented ladies out there that deserve the spotlight. The best female tattoo artists in the country, from traditional styles to realism – we have it all.

In conclusion now here are some of the best female tattoo artists. So you should be following first and important.

1.     Sara Fabel  – Instagram@sarafabel

Finland native Sara Fabel is a badass model and tattoo artist, who has spent much of her adult life traveling the world.

Sara Fabel  -
1.     Sarah Miller – Instagram @sarahmillertattoo​

Once a competitor in the hugely popular tv show Ink Master.

 After Sarah Miller has been a part of the graphic design world for over ten years, and began tattooing in 2009. Now she can be found at Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Pittsburg, PA.

Jessica Downer – Instagram @jessicadowner​tattoo

Jessica Downer rocks at realistic tattoos. Whether they’re done in black-and-gray or in her heavily saturated and brightly contrasting colors.

Jessica Downer - Instagram

Em Scott –  Instagram @emscottla​

Em Scott is a California-based tattoo artist who is best known for her beautiful lettering and script work.

Her work reflects her southern Cali roots in her heavy use of black and grey tones and fine lines, and she often takes on more detailed and realistic art pieces.

Em Scott

Kim Saigh – Instagram @memoirtattoo​

Memoir Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA is home to the talented Kim Saigh, who has become known for her work featured on the popular tv show LA Ink.

Kim Saigh
Jade Quail – Instagram @jadequailart​

Jade has some serious talent when it comes to linework and dotwork. Her often geometrically-inspired work is primarily done in black and gray, and boasts a high level of technical skill.

Yanina Viland –  Instagram @yaninaviland​

She Yanina Viland is a Ukranian tattoo artist who is currently based in Saint Petersburg (but will be relocating soon to Brazil).

Yanina Viland -  Instagram
Rose Hardy – Instagram @rosehardy​

Whether you’re new to the tattoo game or experienced in the world of ink. Chances are you’ve heard of Rose Hardy.

Originally from New Zealand, she is making a mark on the tattoo world with her vibrant, colorful style that mixes traditional tattoo designs with the aesthetic and crispness of traditional Japanese tattoos.

Rose Hardy
Kat Abdy – Instagram @katabdy​

Kat Abdy can currently be found at Cloak and Dagger Tattoos in London, England.

The Australia native has developed a strongly Neo-Traditional style that focuses on dark and contrasting colors (Neo-Traditional features classic tattoo designs with a bolder, more diverse color palette).

Liz Cook –  Instagram @lizcooktattoo​

Liz Cook has a vibrantly realistic style that focuses mostly on animal and female portraits.

Little Linda –  Instagram @littlebabylinda​

Linda now is a successful tattoo model and artist. Who has been inking since the age of 16. Heavily influenced by typography and illustration, Linda’s style features a lot of floral and natural themes that are paired with detailed linework.

Little Linda

Moni Marino – Instagram @moni_marino_artist​

Moni Marino is an Italian tattoo artist who works out of her personal studio in Vienna.

First She start her tattooing in Germany, and became so popular there. That she consistently has German clients making the trip over into Austria for appointments. 

Elizabeth Markov – Instagram @lazerliz​

Currently at Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City, Elizabeth Markov has a strong, feminine tattoo style. She get her start in Florida, where she spent a lot of time tattooing the sailors and pilots who came through the Naval Air base there. 

Elizabeth Markov
Ryan Ashley – Instagram @ryanashleymalarkey​

Ryan Ashley is a co-owner and artist of the Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor in PA, which she runs with her husband.

Delighting in all things strange and creepy, Ryan has a beautiful, heavily detailed realistic tattooing style.

She is one of the rare artists who have the ability to freehand a tattoo (using a marker) onto the body without sketching it out first.


Ryan Ashley

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