Mexican Warrior Tattoo for Females 14 + designs Ideas

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Are very popular not only in Mexica but also around the whole world. Mexican tattoo has their unique feature, styles and colours that are always associated with Mexican culture. So let’s read the best idea of the Mexican tattoo design patterns.


Mexican tattoo style inspired a lot of people around the world to get new interesting body ink art. Usually, we have seen flowers, skulls, skeletons, ladies faces with Mexican national flags and costumes. This is the main feature of Mexican-style body artworks. Why is this style of tattoo so important in Mexica and neighbouring countries? Mexica country is one of the unique places where every year celebrated the day of the Dead.

They prefer especially to celebrate the glamour of death than mourning death. So in Mexica tattoo styles most of the patterns portrayed the Dead and life.

Mexican tattoo style ideas for an essential person

In Mexica women and men designed tattoos for essential people in their life. This imagery style expresses life and dead. Every Mexican tattoo gives glowing elements like people who lost loved ones. In every tradition, peoples show their gratitude to their lost love and persons in different ways. As a result, these Mexican styles of ink artworks show their gratitude to lost peoples.

Flower Skull Mexican Tattoo Idea

mexican tattoo designs flower skull on back for female
mexican tattoo designs flower skull on back for female

As you can see and understand Mexican people deeply embraces their culture. They show it in their art, dancing, music, and restaurants. This beautiful flower with a skull design tattoo shows how they pride in their culture and how they can be bold. Look at this beautiful tattoo design on the back of a woman painted colorful flowers with skull. So we see immortal value in Mexican culture flowers represent life and skull represent the dead. This traditional heritage they keep on not a one century.

Back Skull Flower Design

skulls mexican tattoo skull flower  on back images
skulls mexican tattoo skull flower on back images

The popularity of Mexican tattoo is raising every ear. Styles and types are varied and everyone chose the colours and designs that are comfortable for her/his character type. Look, at another girl’s skull tattoo style on the centre of her back with a little flower design. You can do this style on other parts of your body as on legs, arms, and chest. This glamour pattern can inspire people.

Small Girly Skull Mexican Tattoo

mexican tattoo art skull design on foot ideas
mexican tattoo art skull design on foot ideas

As you can see from these patterns all Mexican tattoos have one similar feature all of them are associated with religion, belief and death. In this image, we can see a small skull with flowers on girl’s foot. Skull, symbolize the loss of a loved person. Females most have chosen bright colours to portray their designs.

famous mexican tattoo artists artworks on women shoulder images
famous mexican tattoo artists artworks on women shoulder images

What are the best placements for Mexican tattoos?

So, where are the perfect placements? This is one of the most popular questions that interested millions of people. The best answer to this question is you can get your tattoo anywhere you want.

First, of all, it is your inner filings where you want to have inked art work. But it is more right first to speak with the artist and after it decides where done it. On the internet, websites are very popular skull candy or bride skull portrait on the full arm or shoulder designs. Some females choose

  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Wrist
  • Legs
  • Stomach
  • Back
  • Shoulder
  • Foot

Depending on the size of the designs it could be a change in the place you’re planning and a tattoo artist can help you decide the best place for your design.

Cactus Tattoo Ideas

cactus tattoo ideas flower images on arm
cactus tattoo ideas flower images on arm

On the web, there are a lot of kinds of cactus ink art design ideas to choose from. Cactus are traditional tattoo symbols and now trendy symbols that are like females. In many native American Indian groups’ traditions cactus symbolizes a plant that can survive in such difficult conditions.

Cactus reflects a great way of strength and everyone must be as strong in his actions and decisions as this plant. So, a small cactus tattoo with other elements can bond you with Mexican culture. Look at this very artistic design on the back of the arm and copy it just now.

Girly Mexican Warrior tattoo

traditional mexican tattoo on back design
traditional mexican tattoo on back design

Much variety of Mexican body ink art helps you to choose your unique best one. In Mexica death is not the same as in North America. People identify death as an important event that must be celebrated. In this pattern lady’s face with flowers one of the traditional designs in Mexica. With bright colours, Mexican warrior tattoos look stunning especial on female bodies. If you adore Mexican culture the tattoo could be the perfect way to bond with it.

Mexican heritage tattoo style

small mexican tattoo ideas skull designs on shoulder
small mexican tattoo ideas skull designs on shoulder

Try out more interesting with your skull tattoo design. Mexican heritage culture and traditions help people to understand many skull tattoo designs. This design on the female shoulder symbolizes the two most important parts of human civilizations; life and death.

Skull with long hair and flowers portrays as more beautiful and radiant. So, if you are not afraid to flaunt your candy skull body ink artwork you can portray this type of design. Women’s shoulders are one of the most visible parts that are open most of the time. Foremost the shoulder is easy to hide with clothes.

Woman painted face Mexican tattoo

mexican inspired tattoo female portrait design on arm picture

As a result, in the internet various types and styles of Mexican ink artworks according to everyone’s sporting interest. Look at other glamour designs on the arm-painted woman’s face with other symbols including Native American features. Every colour on this pattern presents warriors’ meanings; for example, red colour symbolizes sacrifice.

mexican revolution tattoo on neck pictures

Skull tattoo for women with flowers

female sugar skull tattoo ideas on legs
female sugar skull tattoo

Mexican warrior tattoo ideas for women most inspired designs you will ever come across. If you looking for something for fun and more creative look at these graceful designs on female legs. These type of Mexican warrior tattoo calls sugar skull ink artworks. Skull tattoo ideas with multi colours flowers are one of the traditional Mexican styles that have a lot of warrior designs.
Flowers represent beauty and deep feelings that with the skull become a perfect concept of evil and a good world. The woman likes to cover their body with interesting ink designs, especially with high hues that take double designs attractions.

Female’s legs are a great canvas to create flower skull tattoos with warrior elements and colours. On the legs, there are large places that possible to create beautiful and large Mexican tattoo without worrying about the place. So we note that skulls and flowers play a deep position in the tattoo industry. These two elements include traditions, faith and associations that Mexicans have.

skull tattoo for females on foot designs
skull tattoo for females

skull tattoo for women on ear design ideas
skull tattoo for women on ear

angel small tattoo designs on neck

aztec warrior tattoo design on arm picture
aztec warrior tattoo


Can men get Mexican skull tattoo?

Of course yes! Men can cover their bodies with ink artworks like women without any problems. There are only a few things that males could follow. First, it is colours and second pattern designs should be a more masculine feature. So men can add Mexican skull ink artwork on their bodies with guns or other symbols. The coolers should be not as colorful as it has done women. Use only one or two colours tone. On the internet, everyone can find lots of patterns for males.

How much Mexican tattoo cost?

What about cost? It is true that real art works always cost more. Of course, depends on the pattern difficulties, size and the artist’s professionalism. If you choose a design with lots of details big one would cost much more than one little black skull on arm.

Final Thoughts

Now you know a lot of information about Mexican tattoos and can choose ink artworks for yourself. These patterns include in them a rich history and deep meaning. For everyone, who adores this beautiful country and wants to relate to the culture, a tattoo is a great way to do it. We gathered a list of the best design ideas on this page that inspire you. Enjoy it!

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