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There’s something in those dog tattoos for men  wet noses with cute innocent eyes that gets you crushing on it every-day. The dogs most requested tattoo are pit bulls, sausages, chihuahuas, pugs, boxers, schnauzer, greyhounds, poodles, Labradors, and poodles. They are not the only ones, but the most requested.

Human relationships come and go, but your relationship with your dog? That ish is forever and forever.  Dogs have been known for their loyalty and guardianship since ancient times and not only in present times. Before going into detail about incredible dog tattoo ideas and their symbolical representations with human.

dog tattoos

Dogs and proud

Love dogs and proud of it? Love a special dog and want to memorialize him? These dog tattoos have done just that. From the super artistic to the super realistic tattoos for men.

From ancient times to the present era, the symbolic meaning behind dogs and their loyalty hasn’t changed a lot. Most historians believe that the meanings and symbolism of dogs are tied to ‘communication. If you want to know what body parts hurt more and which hurt less for your new dog tattoo, we’ve got you covered.

tattoos with dog paws

We pulled together this collection of doggys to show our love and appreciation for one of our absolute favorite animals. All animals are our favorite, but sometimes you just gotta stare at pictures. Theres about a million more awesome dog stories that would make awesome dog tattoos.

dog tattoos memorial

Take the famed statue of an Akita pup, Hachiko, that waited at Shibuya Station almost nine years, every day, for his master to return. Of course, having a dog can also boost your mood, relieve your level of stress, keep you well protected too among a million other great things. Tattoos celebrate the things we love the most about our pups. Some portraits highlight a dog’s silly expression and its wagging tongue, while other designs might showcase their adorable “love handles.

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