Finger tattoos are known to blur rather quickly when compared to do other tattoos. Fingers make excellent canvases if you want to get a tattoo but don’t want to attract too much attention when walking around outside. But always remember that you can’t hide this kind of tattoos, so think twice before making them and choose a design wisely.

Most finger tattoos are simply too small to get noticed when moving unless someone is actively on the lookout for them. For elegant finger tattoo you can do very fast and without higher price. Even the most elaborate finger tattoos design for men won’t take more than an hour or two to finish. A veteran tattoo artist probably won’t even break a sweat from it.

Like all other things, tattoo on finger has their own list of benefits and disadvantages. As a tattoo stays with the bearer for a lifetime, there may be times that he might need to hide them. The flip side is that designs are a bit limited because of the size of the canvas, even for people with abnormally large fingers. You can’t just grab a design meant to be inked on a bicep and ask the tattoo artist to downsize it.

Design Options Tattoos On The Fingers

Animal Tattoo On Finger – The smaller size of animal images or insects will be comfortably tattooed on your fingers very fast. It can be the image of a beetle, lion design, tiger design, fish design, or butterfly or elephant.

Symbol Tattoo On Finger– Symbol Tattoos are very popular options today for men and guys. Many people opt for symbols since these are very attractive and cool at the same time. These can be Chinese characters or any other ancient cool symbols that your tattoo artist can engrave to your fingers. There are a lot of designs of finger tattoos and you must own choose which is for you can be the best.

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