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Getting a knee tattoos for females is like making a typical badass statement. The hotshot trend which creates a very strong appeal amongst people is a rare option opted by tattoo enthusiasts.  

One place that not everyone considers getting tatted is the knee. Knee tattoos are pretty painful because of the obvious fact that there is a big bone there with not a ton of fat separating it from the skin. Some brave souls have even gotten both of their knees inked. 

Two designs that seem to be especially popular when it comes to knee tattoos are flowers and mandalas. People have described getting tattooed as feeling like a sunburn, feeling like being stabbed, or even feeling like being tickled. So where is the worst place to get tattooed?

Choose a design

So if you’re looking to get one, choose a design that suits the area, considering that the skin on the knees are thicker, and see that the tattoo lasts long by choosing strong designs and that you follow aftercare procedures accordingly.

The skin on the back of the knees is especially thin which means it’s delicate and the nerves are closer to the surface. On the contrary, the front of the knee is thicker skinned which means to keep the tattoo ink in the skin it has to be.

kneecap tattoos

When placed in a creative way, these tattoos can give the illusion of movement, because they are being placed on a joint. There are definitely a lot of unique designs that can be done on knees. The masterpiece design, which will be visible all the time, must be chosen wisely.

For serious tattoo enthusiast’s, select from multiple and unique designs like a tiger face, devil or evil imprints. Created on a very difficult area, knee tattoo idea is not a common choice. knee tattoos are edgy, cool, and they make us want to get one and wear shorts year-’round. 

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Getting a Knee Tattoo
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