Tourist Attractions in Italy

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Tourist Attractions in Italy

With so many amazing sights, putting together a compilation of top tourist attractions in Italy is no easy task. The following list however should give a good indication of why over 40 million foreign tourists visit Italy ever year.

1 Verona Arena

2 Herculaneum

3 Elba

4 Gran Paradiso National Park

5 Palazzo Ducale

6 Trevi Fountain

Santa Maria delle Grazie

7 Santa Maria delle Grazie

 La Pelosa

8 La Pelosa

Basilica of San Vitale

9 Basilica of San Vitale

10 Dolomites

Basilica di San Francesco

11 Basilica di San Francesco

12 Sassi di Matera

13 Mount Etna

Duomo of Orvieto

14 Duomo of Orvieto

Pizza Napoletana

15 Pizza Napoletana

16 Portofino

St. Mark's Basilica

17 St. Mark’s Basilica

18 Capri

19 St. Peter’s Basilica

Valley of the Temples

20 Valley of the Temples

21 San Gimignano

22 Manarola

23 Leaning Tower of Pisa

23 Lake Como

24 Positano

25 Pompeii

Piazza del Campo

26 Piazza del Campo

27 Santa Maria del Fiore

28 Grand Canal

30 Colosseum

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