Top-11 Beautiful Swedish Women

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Top-11 Beautiful Swedish Women

Beautiful swedish women the status and rights of Women in Sweden has been affected by culture, religion and social discourses such as by the strong feminist movement as well as laws, and changed several times through the history of Sweden.

Victoria Silvstedt

1.Victoria Silvstedt

Malin Maria Akerman

2.Malin Maria Akerman

Elsa Hosk

3.Elsa Hosk

Ronnia Fornstedt

4. Ronnia Fornstedt

Petra Johansson

5. Petra Johansson

 Mini Anden

6. Mini Anden

Frida Gustavsson

7. Frida Gustavsson

8. Alicia Vikander

Helena Mattsson

9. Helena Mattsson

Michaela Savic

10. Michaela Savic

11.Caroline Winberg

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