42 Modern Semicolon Tattoos for Women Ideas and Placement

42 Modern Semicolon Tattoos for Women Ideas and Placement

This combination of a period and a comma is used when the writer could have finished one sentence and started another but chose not to. Such a vital role, however, it is more than that. Have you noticed a lot of people getting a semicolon tattoo?

The small tattoo may seem insignificant to you, but know that it has tremendous value. While before, people might simply have imagined those with such tattoos to be grammar or language geeks, there is far more to the image’s meaning these days. If you’ve been observant enough you’ll have noticed all the tattoo parlors offering semicolon tattoos for women and the growing trend of women sporting these tattoos in various parts of their bodies.

 Eventually, the project became part of a greater effort to help people suffering from a mental illness directly or indirectly. Millions of Americans suffer from mental illness, and yet the subject is still considered taboo. 

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