Key Tattoo For women

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42 Best Mysterious Key Tattoo Designs For women

Key Tattoo For women are basically for all type of people, some may get representation of key tattoos as a way towards life, and some may showcase it as the missing link to the lock of life. The key is a sign tattoo that can have several symbolic meanings.

The purpose of a key is to unlock and grant access to something  otherwise inaccessible. Key tattoos are symbols and metaphors that can have the element of mystery, because we often don’t know what they unlocks and what is behind the door.

Close things

They also close things. Because of this double meaning, key tattoo meanings can be looked at in a number of ways. Key tattoos come in different varieties. It can be one single key, a key and lock or designed as a skeleton key. 

The key is the icon of a truth or an answer and the presence or absence of a lock or keyhole can indicate the relevance of that truth. A key is a standard image that can be manipulated into a variety of designs in order to create a personal and unique tattoo.  A very popular design is one where the key is drawn as a part of a bracelet, anklet or a necklace. A heart-shaped lock with a key tattoo can have a romantic connotation. 

get representation of key

The lock and key was invented for one purpose, to basically protect valuables, like rosary beads tattoo. The role of the lock and keys has changed slightly over time, from protecting vehicles to imprisoning someone in jail.

There has been may tattoo designs developed over the years and many more keep coming up, but the lock and key tattoos are perhaps some of the most popular ones. With a customizable design suitable for a range of styles and placements, lock and key tattoos are versatile and can be made truly unique.

access to something  otherwise inaccessible

The key is the icon
rosary beads tattoo
Stylish Lock & Key Tattoos
tattoos as a way towards life

Tattoo  For women
key tattoo meaning
heart with key tattoo
key west tattoo

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Key Tattoo

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