frog tattoo simple for men
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They can take FROG TATTOO any design, symbol and style. For instance, there are the frog tattoos, which are very elegant in nature. She put the first breath in newborns. To Native Americans, frogs symbolized change and transformation while forming the link between humans and Mother Earth.

For some peoples, frogs meant the end of winter and the beginning of spring. They believed that the last snowflakes of the season turned into frogs. The frog has always played a very important role in human spirituality. Today you can see the frog in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, come to life as the preferred tattoo choice for both women and men on body.

World frogs

In the Eastern world frogs have long been associated with spirituality, wisdom, fertility and magic, and in the Western world frogs have a long history in traditional stories and fairy-tales. In Asia, a frog symbolizes good luck and safe voyage since the animal is closely associated with the natural element, Water.

They are also the liaison between the living and the dead. Small jade frog figurines are usually placed in the mouths of deceased loved ones to ensure a safe journey to the Afterlife (much like the ancient Roman practice of placing coins on the eyes of the dead).

Fun And Fabulous Frog Tattoos

Frog tattoos use these physical characteristics of the amphibian to create a bold and colorful piece that will surely impress your goal. Those who spend time in the sea or were in the military, see the frog in yet a different light. For these folks, the frog is symbolic of safe voyages or good luck.

Despite the many different ways the frog tattoos can be drawn, they can also mean a variety of things to different people. While the most common depictions are the frog on the lily pad or the red-eyed tree frog, tribal frogs are growing in popularity in recent years.

Variations of the Frog Tattoos design on arm

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Despite the many different frog design

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