Popular (29) Natural Hairstyles For Special Occasions

Beautiful Natural Hairstyles You Can try on

Today’s hairstyles for many special occasions from prom to weddings are no longer restricted to created. There are many interesting life events that require women and ladies a modern fancy hairstyle. When you are decided to go beyond the usual messy bun or other places these special occasion hairstyles will get you looking gorgeous and creatively.

short hairstyles for special occasions

It is a global truth that ladies and women are not satisfied with wearing the same hairstyles for many different occasions.

These hairstyles more important especially when ladies and women have to attend formal occasions. For some professional hairdressers, a good hairstyle can be more important than their beautiful makeup. In case you have got a beautiful makeup, a bad hairstyle will make your look less gorgeous.

In this article, we are going to show you 29 very popular hairstyles. These interesting hairstyles will make your look more beautiful and different from others. We’ve found great hairstyles for many occasions both medium and short hair. Take your time and check our list for inspiration!

Special Occasion Hairstyles

Today there are many occasions that may call for a special hair style. Many parties and holidays, homecoming and prom, or other interesting formal events all call for something with more flair than an everyday hairdo.

When you getting ready for a party, a romantic date or party, it is impossible to go without getting gorgeous hairstyles. But sometimes we have not got time to visit the salon!

Beautiful Sleek Braided Chignon

Very popular a sleek chignon style for every women with short hair. This special occasion hairstyles for short hair not only easy to create, but also with this style you can dress want you want. This style, part your hair to the side, down the middle, and secure a ponytail at the nape of your neck.

It will seem like natural hairstyles for special occasions. Next step for this style, create a standard braid and fasten the end with a clear elastic. The last step wraps the braid around itself to form a bun.

braided updo buns

 Stunning Braided Updo's For Your Next Event

What's The Best Hairstyle for a Special Occasion?

Unusual hairstyles that are perfect

There are so many different hairstyles to choose from

Unique Braided Hairstyle Braids

hairstyles more stunning and for all occasions

Find out the best ideas of special occasion

Occasion hairstyles to inspire

hairstyle ideas for all styles and occasions

Hairstyles for Different Occasions

there's still hope to find an elegant style

Updo for special occasions

hair for a special occasion like wedding

Trying to find a cute hairstyle for a special or formal occasion

that require a fancy hairstyle

beauty experts share these special occasion hairstyles

short hairstyles for fine hair

need more than just a beautiful hairstyle

styles that are generally preferred among women

formal evening hairstyles

perfectly suited to special occasions

demand show-stopping hairstyles

 Most Beautiful Hairstyles for Different Occasions

Best (50) INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FORYou to Be Successful

Stunning (100) Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For Brides 


45 (Woman) Fun and Creative Portrait Photography Ideas images

Fun Creative Portrait Photography Ideas For Female

Portrait photography or portraiture in photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

First, Woman Fun Creative Portrait while you want your subject to fill the frame, there’s no better way to make your subject self-conscious than to literally get in her or his face. A longer lens will let you back off a little and still keep the framing tight. It might even keep you from getting hit – accidentally or otherwise.

Getting those natural, effortless-looking portraits we all envy takes time and patience. You may have to learn repeatedly about what works and what doesn’t. A lot of the finesse great portrait photographers seem to have is just good ol’ people skills.

 Stylish Photo Pose for Girl

What is temporary females photo poses? The pose is your body type when you take photographs. modern photography poses for girls to help you to take unique females pictures.

Sit and Look UP

Fun and Creative Portrait Photography Ideas Sit and Look UP
Sit and Look UP

Perfect pose for girls to take photos. For this pose, you need a few seconds, and it is stylish today. Try this pose for ladies photography style examples ideas.

You stand and Hands together

ladies photography style examples You stand and Hands together
You stand and Hands together

This is one of the popular styles that use a lot of females. This pose show women and girls body curves whole beauty. When you choose this pose don’t forget to add hands together. Try this idea to take beautiful woman portrait photography to follow trends.

Indirect looking pose

perfect female portrait pictures with flowers Indirect looking pose
Indirect looking pose

If you want to create intrigue, woman portrait photography, don’t look directly at the camera. Look around and keep it when you take a picture. Woman face photography in this position looks very sensitive.

Amazing Portraits of Women photo pose for little girl

Pregnant Woman Art Photography Ideas

pregnant woman pictures in the nature  Art Photography Ideas
Pregnant Woman Art Photography Ideas

Photography Ideas for pregnant women is a new trend that is very popular now. Pregnant Woman Photography can be done not only at home but also in nature. Pregnant women look more beautiful in photography and charming. Pregnancy is the most important process to continue living on our planet earth.

Beautiful Woman Stock Pictures beautiful eyes

Lying down pose

woman portrait photography poses Lying down pose
Lying down pose

Stylish Photo Pose for Girl and ladies that are very interesting and feminine. Photography in this style have done two types, shoots whole body or only head, shoulder, and chest part.

Chin down, look up at the camera

woman portrait photography with summer hat Chin down,
Chin down, look up at the camera

    Ladies pose for Photography are different but there are some poses that you can find in every photographer’s works with less change. This pose on of them, when woman face portrait photography shows their face shapes and hairstyles.  

Stand Pose Flower Smelling

portrait photography women  Stand Pose Flower Smelling
Stand Pose Flower Smelling

Flowers always attract females with their colours and perfect smellings. Portrait photography ideas for girls with flowers are great ideas for the next photoshoots. You can stand or sit down with flowers will be good.

Touching your face

portrait photography ideas for girls Touching your face
Touching your face

These pose the best option for natural close up portrait photos that inspire people who look at pictures. For this trendy pose, you must bring one hand to your face, and you can touch your cheek, chin, mouth or hair. Remember that hand places on the face changing the mood of a picture, If your finger is in your mouth, your portrait picture will be sexier.

best woman portrait photography face poses

Elegant portrait photography of woman with flowers that inspires everyone. Wonderful flowers on hands bring new fresh ideas in portrait photography. Flowers with multicoloured tones take emotions to women. 


women portrait photography ideas

Ladies photography style with a cup of coffee on hands is one of the new trends in photography. You smell and show your great emotions when it is coffee time.

Outstanding Examples of Portrait Photography
Best Female portrait photography

Female portrait photography russian beauty

Gorgeous Female Portrait Photography By The Russian
female portrait poses

Posing Tips for Women Portrait Photography

Photo Style Girl in suit poses ideas

the perfect portrait photography pictures

Portrait photography  is a photograph of a person

Get people and portrait photography tips from photographer

portrait photography beautiful girls

Female Portrait Pictures

Posing Tips for Women Portrait Photography

Best Female Poses for Portrait Photography

portrait photography

portrait photography inspiration


beautiful woman figure photography photoshoot

female photography face

female photography poses

female photography red hair

stunning female photography

stunning female portraits

female photo

female photo pose ideas

beautiful woman face images photography website

beautiful woman face photography ideas to make

Female Facial Hair Stock Pictures

ladies photography style images in the nature with flowers
ladies photography style images in the nature with flowers

woman relaxing photography ideas

Photo style for girl in dress red Lying down poses touch face

beautiful woman portrait picture trendy pose with flowers on hand
Beautiful woman portrait picture, trendy pose with flowers

Best Perfect Wedding Dress

How To Choose Best Perfect Wedding Dress

Choose Best Perfect Wedding Dress

 5 important steps to find the best perfect wedding dress model!

Of course, your dream wedding dress should be perfect, but how to start and how to find best for it?

wedding dress silhouette guide

These 5 steps to help you find the perfect dress model!

The time has come to begin your search for a wedding dress, an important moment that you have been dreaming of your dream for so long. You know that you need to find the perfect wedding dress, but where to start? We have prepared for you important five tips that we will gladly share, write down them!

1. Step 1. Style

2. Step 2. Cloth

3. Step 3. Color

4. Step 4. Figure

5. Step 5. Comfort

sweetheart mermaid wedding dress for women

Step 1. Style

First of all, determine the style in which you would like to see your wedding dress. This will greatly help you in finding and choosing “your” dream model.

The style of the wedding dress depends on the celebration concept. Although, the bride has every right to look exactly how she wants. It all depends on her desire.

Today, ladies and women are increasingly trying to reflect their character in the concept of a wedding celebration, so the style of the dress can be chosen to suit the style of the holiday.

transforming wedding dress

The most important thing is to feel“ your ”dress. You can imagine yourself on a solemn day and trace your emotions, what mood and what feelings do you experience from your image? The answer to this question will help you to set a certain motion for choosing several dresses for fitting.

Some brides at the same time choose a dress both for weddings, in this case, of course, you need to pay attention to dresses with sleeves, or choose an outfit with a removable lace top that can be the best.

best white sweetheart mermaid wedding dress

                             Wedding dress for wedding a selection for inspiration!

First, you must remember that you must remain yourself, you should not blindly follow the trends. Below are the options for brides, and also, the emphasis is placed on those styles that are suitable for a particular type of bride:

Classic: you are a classic bride who focuses on a traditional look or on something that does not go out of fashion. This type of bride prefers a dress with a neckline. For accessories, pay attention to veils and jewelry such as pearls or diamonds.

wedding a selection for inspiration

• Romantic: you give preference to delicacy and simplicity. Romantic brides often choose tulle or chiffon dresses with the most romantic embroidery .

Boho: Brides who marry on the beach or outdoors rely on a boho dress.

Vintage: if you like lace and Victorian dresses, then you are a bride in vintage style.

Modern: a modern bride focuses on a bright and bold wedding dress. For this type of bride, originality comes first!

beautiful wedding dress from natural silk chiffon or cambric, possibly a light mesh.

Step 2. Cloth

“The image of the bride consists of the image of the girl herself and the mood of the solemn event, his ideas and her style. In general, wedding events are divided into two types: indoors, and in the fresh air. Accordingly, the two main directions in choosing an image are the classic bride, and the lighter version, closer to naturalness. It follows that the dress for the wedding should be chosen as easily as possible, from natural silk chiffon or cambric, possibly a light mesh.

 When choosing a fabric for a wedding dress, the bride needs to first of all understand what fabric it should be from. There are: natural, for example silk or synthetic, satin, satin, brocade, fabric. Synthetic fabric, for example, take an atlas, has a lot of advantages.

stunning wedding dresses for older brides

You can give your preference to absolutely any fabric, depending on your tastes, but do not forget about comfort on such an important day. ” “It is customary to think that natural fabrics are the best. But this is not always true, especially for festive clothing. Preferring silk, after a few minutes, the bride finds herself in a crumpled dress. For lovers of all natural, it is better to use a lining made of fabrics that are pleasant to the body, and for the outside of the dress.


Below are options for the most commonly used materials:

• Mikado: dense and elegant fabric with a characteristic sheen;

Brokat: heavy silk fabric with gold or silver threads, woven with drawings;

Pique: dense cotton fabric in two ducks with embossed transverse scars or less often convex geometric patterns on the front side;

Ottoman: this material is particularly velvety and very pleasant to touch;

Crepe: fabric, special weaving, very strong and practically does not crease;

• Taffeta: a kind of glossy dense thin linen weave fabric made from tightly twisted silk, cotton or synthetic organic polymers;

• Organza: a thin rigid transparent fabric made of silk, polyester or viscose by twisting two fibers;

Crepe: fabric, special weaving, very strong and practically does not crease;

Lace: lace or guipure is called an airy thin fabric made of threads that form a specific pattern;

Chiffon: lightweight fabric with a simple mesh weave, due to which it looks translucent;

Tulle: a very light and transparent mesh fabric.

You need to choose a dress in that color scheme that suits exactly your color type

Step 3. Color

You need to choose a dress in that color scheme that suits exactly your color type. There are a lot of shades of white color, and in order to make it much easier for you to figure out and determine which shade is right for you.

• White: the true color is perfect for owners of dark skin, it is thanks to the contrasts, in this case, that we get a great combination. “White has a lot of shades. But most brides prefer milk color.

true color is perfect for owners of dark skin,

Step 4. Figure

Most likely, you already have certain thoughts regarding how your wedding dress should look, but are you sure that this particular style will ideally sit on you? Despite “love at first sight”, you should understand that maybe your perfect dress and dreams and what you get in reality can differ significantly.

 Graceful curves of the silhouette and legs corresponding to the length of the body are often an advantage such as an hourglass. Note that such a description of the figure is suitable not only for thin women, but also for ladies with curvaceous shapes.

Pay attention to the dresses, the cut of which will emphasize your silhouette and create a delicate feminine image. In most women, this type of figure is a lean physique and small chest. In this case, long slender legs are a big advantage, but the sizes of shoulders, chest, waist, hips are almost the same.

Graceful curves of the silhouette and legs

The shape of the figure is “triangle”: the figure of the triangle looks very feminine and natural if it combines  hips, a narrow waist, a flat stomach and fragile shoulders. As a rule, the upper body is slightly longer than the lower.

Regardless of the height and weight of women with the type of figure, the triangle retains a fairly pronounced waist with narrow shoulders and thin arms. To balance the upper and lower body, hide the hips and emphasize the waist, you can be guided by the following tips:

1. Avoid semicircular square cutouts and thin straps;

2. regarding the color scheme, choose light tones above – dark tones below.

a line wedding dress sweetheart

Step 5. Comfort

Do not forget that you will be one of the key figures at your celebration, therefore, you should feel comfortable in your outfit.

 For example, if the bride is really 100% sure of her excellent taste, if she is an artist, actress or person of a creative profession, also in the case when a professional stylist works with her on the image. But, unfortunately, often to create a creative image impulsively choose those brides who by their nature are not like that. You can be original on any of the New Year’s eve, and at the wedding, please be yourself. ”

“Comfort affects your mood, a slight smile, carelessness and a happy state in general. If the corset is crushed, and the shoes are rubbed, it will be difficult for you to sincerely rejoice.

dream wedding dresses princesses

high fashion dress for bride

designer high fashion  bride dresses

Looking for the top wedding dress designers

collections featuring the latest trends in bridal

dresses luxury for stunning ladies

styles of luxury dresses Inspiration

wedding dresses simple elegant

dresses classic style for ladies

classic style dresses to wear to a wedding

assymetrical wedding dress

wedding with dress design for you

Sexy Wedding Dresses and Gowns

long wedding dress white

summer wedding dress for girl

Wedding Dress Styles and Trends

modern wedding dress patterns

secual  long wedding dress patterns

ladies dress material

A Guide to Women's Dress Codes for All Occasions

Best Creative Dressing images

Stylish Dresses to Wear

Stylish Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding ceremony

classic dresses to wear ceremonies

high fashion dress cool  dress

high fashion dress ideas for girl ceremony

high fashion wedding dress ideas for girl

wedding dresses vintage lace style images

elegant wedding dress

traditional wedding dress colors around world

different wedding dress styles for girls and women

pretty wedding dresses long sleeve

modified a line wedding dress girls

bride dress wedding looks style

a line wedding dress with sleeves modesty

Most popular wedding dresses for girls in this year

comfortable wedding dress for girl

wedding dress for outside wedding ceremony

dream wedding ideas dresses you find

dream wedding dresses ideas for brides

princess dresses for wedding ceremony

wedding dress ideas for perfect body type

important steps to find the best perfect wedding dress mode

How To Choose Best Perfect Wedding Dress

perfect wedding dresses for different body types

beautiful dresses for wedding day

cute wedding dresses


Stunning 100 Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For Brides 

Wedding Hairstyles Ideas Images

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles Ideas – all women agree that hair is the most important things or a woman’s crown. Women like to try out their hair to different styles or looking for interesting ideas, to show all people their creativeness and unique styles.

Wedding most important event and the best wedding hairstyle not only inspired but also show the real beauty of ladies. In this article, we have found very beautiful photos from around the world.

new hair idea for wedding

Best wedding hairstyle in wedding day equally important as wedding ceremony and wedding decorations.

wedding bridesmaids hairstyles ideas for you

Wedding hairstyles on an important day will be the super complicated curly, formal, even can be looser hairstyles. They even can be different styles, and different forms but they are still beautiful stunning wedding hairstyles ideas in any case.

 It is important to look for very different than you use your hair every day and remember that it will be stored in photography all your lifetime. 

hairstyles how to use yourself

Find beautiful wedding hairstyles from locks low chignons to half-length styles that are really super for an important day in your life. Scroll this article and you will find beautiful styles. Remember that you want to feel comfortable, confident and above all, still look like you! Trying one of them and be happy!

long hairstyles wedding bridesmaid

What styles to choose?

Bohemian hairstyles one of the simplest and maybe easiest as wedding hairstyles. You don’t need special things, leave your hair down add the flower crown as decoration. All these hairstyles can be done over the bun or gently wrapped around the beautiful crown of your head.

Chignon wedding hairstyle is the most popular. This style more elegant and most ladies choose it as their best. Check out these beautiful hairstyles below for more inspiration.

short hair wedding styles bride

What is the best hairstyle for the wedding?

Wedding hairstyles are very different and to answers what is best would be very difficult. Some brides choose beautiful ponytails hair others classic half-up style. Important only one thing you should feel comfortable.

beautiful wedding hairstyles with braids

best new vintage wedding hairstyles for long hair

wedding hair peices

wedding hairstyles medium hair brend for 2020

wedding hairstyles weaves classical style today

 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles - Brides

top curles hairstyles for wedding photo

wedding hair to side

medium hair wedding styles

fall wedding hair style

best Romantic Wedding Hairstyles Using Flowers

Best Medium wedding hairstyles images

fall wedding hairstyles updos

hot wedding hairstyles with headband updo

 Best Hairstyles for Women

Stylish Hairstyles for Women

what do you need for a wedding hair

short hair ideas

wedding dress inspiration top hairstyles

blonde hair ideas

blonde long hair beautiful lady

 Women With Long Hair That Will Blow You Away

Beautiful Hair Stock Pictures

gorgeous hairstyles  lady

special occasions hairstyles

hairstyles for special occasions medium hair

Gorgeous, Beautiful Woman smile

homecoming hairstyles ideas

natural hairstyles for special occasions

special occasion hairstyles for long hair

Special Occasion Hairstyles to Impress

What's The Best Hairstyle for a Special Occasion?

elegant long wedding hairstyles

 Incredibly Cute Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Best beautiful lady images

 Great Beautiful Women Photos with wite

Meet Russian women looking for husband

Beautiful Smile Lady Images

female haircuts

cute haircuts for women

best hairstyles for women

new haircut for women

How to style your hair for different occasion

Hairstyles for Special Occasions & Seasonal Trends

Updo Hairstyles For Every Occasion

 Best Fashion Inspiration

beautiful wedding dress inspiration photo

 Best beautiful couples images

beautiful lady

wedding hairstyles princesses

Formal Hairstyles for Big Occasions

Elegant and Beautiful Hairstyles for Special Occasions

natural hair wedding

hair and wedding

top fancy long curly hairstyles

blonde long hair wedding style

Elegant and Beautiful Hairstyles for Special Occasions

effortless wedding day hair.

simple wedding updo  images

wedding hairstyle inspiration

beautiful wedding day hairstyles russian style

beautiful hairstyles easy

Stunning (100) Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For Brides

Best Dream wedding bridesmaids long hair

do it yourself wedding

Best Dream long Wedding hairstyles images

hairstyles for weddings  to inspire you.

pretty hairstyles for prom

new easy wedding hair

Top Stunningly sun and sunflower tattoos Designs




Female body paint models every female should know before she does women’s body paint art can completely transform everyone into a new person move heroes, an animal or nature views. This is a new art which shows how beautiful can be painting female body parts with high colours.


Absolute crazy painting body! 

 Today, body painting very popular and many artists concentrate their talent, resources and creativity to create stunning art painting on body. For some artists who like to work with a brush, it might be the best time for their careers.

You should know that your body could be the canvas like a famous piece of art. Most people every year have visited famous modern art museums and formed a personal connection with new ideas for painting art. Lots of people in the world hear the phrase “modern body art” woman body painting abstract art allows you the best opportunity to express your crazy creativity.

temporary female body paint design images

Crazy Body paint girls  

When you decided to create skin art on your or your friend’s body look in a breathtaking landscape or different stunning a quirky design examples in this article. There are plenty of temporary photos that can inspire you always. Sometimes painting of woman’s body associated with sexuality even more pornography but it doesn’t have to be the same case.

cool women body painting on back design

Some artists painting fully physical clothing on women body that on the first look at this artwork design on the body appears so realistic that you can never belive in your eyes.

In many photos, you might see a temporary piece of art from best-talented painters from these styles. Some of these beautiful images of female body paint models may have got a little hot and sexually or can be a little bothered.  You can choose the most beautiful painting art on women and ladies body.

best painting of woman's body images

New Pictures of women in body paint

Artists are free to choose designs and they can experiment as much as they want and finely show how well your body look on them. It is not necessary for painting full body, you can paint a particular part of your body use colour images that will symbolize the best value. Carefully choose something that will look stunning on you.

Good Body Paint Materials

The bodypaint artist using different materials on their artwork on models body.  The cheapest material for painters tempera or you can even use markers, textile acrylics. But the best materials for creating seriously body art are airbrush makeups and modern liquid latex both are excellent for female body painting start to finish. 

full women's body paint art ideas in 2021

This new style of body art can be interesting for some people who don’t like tattoo art. It can be used both women and men, depending on what images or illustrations they will be used for.

lower ladies body painting sport design images

colourful sexy women body paint picture

hot women body paint red colour design images

female full body paint

usa flag abstract beautiful women body paint

best women getting body painted images

sexy painting of woman's body

full women being body painted

 women body paint clothes design

women full body paint cat design images

women full body bikini design ideas

female body paint crazy design images

pictures of women in body paint

full body paint on female back  dragon design

top body painting design in 2021

women wearing body paint images

body painting male and female

female body full body painting

beautiful women body paint

pictures of women in body paint

painted women's bodies soccer

top female body painting images

beautiful women in body paint

  11 Top marble nails that prove no two designs are alike


20+ Best CAT EYE MAKEUP Design HOW TO LOOKS Images

CAT EYE MAKEUP Design ideas

Cat eye makeup looks is arguably one of the hardest popularity beauty looks to create’s for eyeliner novices and pros alike. That’s because a flawless cat eye requires razor-sharp precision to pull off symmetrical feline flicks. This makeup has shown real women beauty. 

Cat-eye makeup for women is something that will never lose its popularity in the makeup industry and fashion industry. Of course, as those who try it once can’t ever stop! It makes women and girls feel sexy, their powerful, glamorous and confident.

makeupbyalinna via Instagram

Cat eye practice makes perfect

You must know that this beautiful makeup looks impossible to create yourselves, believe a many professionals, practice makes perfect! Be sure to fetch really high-quality makeup products and tools, stick to the steps and you’ll surely come up with successful results. For doing this makeup you must have:

.First makeup base

.Black eyeliner pencil

.Right a nude lipstick

.Best colour Blush

.Metallic tone eyeshadows

.Eyebrow kit

.Different makeup brushes

.Eyeshadow Primer

rahmanbeauty via Instagram

Still as popular as ever, this look can be a little tricky to get just right. Lifestyle and beauty bloggers help us learn how to master the cat eye makeup look with these tips and images.

cat eye makeup tutorials
sheidafashionista via Instagram

If you stick to the basic makeup tips for cat-eye looks depending on your eye shape and if you practice more your makeup application skills approved fast. You are sure to come up with your own creative ideas of cat eye makeup looks that will never go by unnoticed!

melissasamways via Instagram
  • Remember never go to sleep in your makeup—especially after a night out with an intense cat-eye.
  • Always use a liquid eye makeup remover or oil cleanser to remove your look at the end of the day.

Finish your daily routine and your prom makeup with perfectly done cat eye makeup, and you will look stunning!

cat with eyeliner
priscilla_fhern via Instagram

 Stunning Cat-Eye Makeup Tutorials That Are Easy
ayeeshabx via Instagram

cat eye eyeliner
sonya_miro via Instagram

different cat eyes makeup
cakeyconfessions via Instagram

cat eyeliner for different eye shapes
rahmanbeauty via Instagram

difference between cat eye and winged eyeliner
neztheartist via Instagram

best natural cat eye look images

best cat eyeshadow look

cat eyeliner makeup

kitten eyeliner tarte

great cat eye makeup tips

best feline eye makeup

cool simple cat eye makeup images

best smokey cat eye makeup images

cool feline eyeliner images


36 Beautiful Wrist Tattoos For Women

cat eye makeup look images



There’s nothing rainbow eyeshadow looks we like more than a bright flash of color eyeshadow. That’s why we’re utterly obsessed with the top ideas rainbow eyeshadow looks that we’re show for you. Hand-picked from the best and most beautiful bloggers on Instagram and in internet, we found a few rainbow looks that we hope can give you plenty of new ideas.

Today Vibrant eye looks have been trending not only in Instagram for a while now, and rainbow eyeshadow is the ultimate new way to wear color on your eyelids. Here is all the rainbow eyeshadow in you need to learn how to choose on this fun makeup trend to be elegant and fashionable.

rainbow eyeshadow palette ideas images
Photo By @imhols/Instagram

Achieve a rainbow effect

Simply way to achieve a rainbow effect on your eyelids is to start with yellow eyeshadow. It is in the inner corners of your eyes and finish off with deeper shades such as purple, blue or red on each lid.  For women neutral beauty and natural looking to make your eyes the centre of focus.

colourpop rainbow palette pictures
Source: mua.maggierose

We can just to appreciate this beautiful rainbow beauty? This beauty has absolutely nailed the rainbow eyeshadow new idea, using effective  cosmetics you can have an interesting new palette.

Of course, you’re going to need a really good primer for your eyeshadow when you have a look and as bold and new ideas of bright as this one. Which primer do you use? Shout it out in the comments below this post. We’re always looking for new recommendations and ideas!

rainbow colors eyeshadow palette ideas
By @mmmmitchell/Instagram

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a little messy with the application as long as it looks purposeful with those examples. Use this as your excuse to go brighter and bolder how you like, than you normally would with your colour choices. Different rainbow-inspired makeup ideas looks that are sure to amaze you with their vivid perfection.

rainbow eyeshadow makeup images
By @beautybyharlx/Instagram

best matte rainbow eyeshadow palette

eyeshadow multicolor

revolution halloween rainbow shadow palette

good rainbow eyeshadow palettes
By @helenecosmetics/Instagram

eye makeup rainbow

urban decay rainbow palette
rainbow eye palette

best rainbow eyeshadow palette
By @katiejanehughes/Instagram

revolution rainbow palette



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Russian wedding photos – western world it’s all about romance, beauty and gazing longingly into each other’s eyes, Russian couples choose to let their humor and personalities shine through. And as you will see, they sometimes come up with bizarrely creative and hilarious examples that will never be forgotten!

Turns out that even when it comes to wedding photos, nobody does it as awkward as Russians. At first sight, the reasoning seems fully justified. If you listen to the media in North America, you’ll rarely hear the good of Russia or Eastern Europe.

best funny russian wedding photos

There are just disasters, misery, and other dictatorships madness. It is well known, when we compare ourselves we feel better.


To celebrate this, we here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of our favorites for you to enjoy and take inspiration from if you want your wedding pictures to be a little different from the boring standard formula that we tend to stick to.

funny bride pictures in russian

Russian couples choose to let their humor
bad russian wedding photos

nobody does it as awkward as Russians

enjoy and take inspiration from  wedding couple pic

your wedding pictures to be a little different

beauty and gazing longingly

first look wedding photos

unique wedding photos

creative wedding photography

beautiful bridal pics

funny wedding photos
marriage photos

weird russian wedding


russian wedding pictures

Awfully Photoshopped Russian Wedding



crazy russian wedding images



FEMALE SOLDIERS – still wondering which countries are the ones with the gorgeous female soldiers? Then you definitely need to have a glance on the list of the most beautiful women carrying their uniforms not less than like any other fashionista down the road.

Nowadays, women soldiers know no boundaries — they serve in the army, the navy, the air force, the military police, and in many areas, female soldiers are just as skilled as male soldiers.

 When you picture idealized beauty, you probably think not of a towering masculine fighting machine, but of a woman with more delicate, sensual features. If more people on the battle lines looked like this, we would probably have a fair amount less combat and a lot more awkward asking for phone numbers pretty female soldiers and connection requests on dating apps.


J a y B r u n e t t i


Women Soldiers




Women Soldiers body

Women in the military




Women in the Israel Defense Forces

female soldiers



Beautiful Israeli Women Soldiers

Israel's women combat soldiers




Women in the U.S. Army





Lior Mizrahi



Noy & Hadar









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FEMALE SOLDIERS BODY – In the last century, more and more countries have started to integrate women in their armed forces, and not just as secretaries of men, but in significant roles. Women around the world serve in the army as fighters, pilots and other important roles. 

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HOTTEST FEMALE CABIN CREW – traveling is great, but the process of flying itself isn’t always the most pleasant experience. The combination of bad food, cramped legroom and expensive tickets doesn’t exactly make for a good time. Have you ever wondered if flight attendants still fulfill the chlichés of elegant, long-legged and sexy honeys?

 Let’s have a look on the hottest cabin crews of all major airlines and let’s see how they look when they stripped of their mostly boring uniforms! And always remember. While most airlines nowadays don’t base their hiring practices as heavily on physical appearances as they did in the 1960’s, there’s no doubt that looks often still play a role, no matter male or female.

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Hot female golfers – the views during a good golf match are usually astounding—and we’re not just talking about courses like Pebble Beach and Augusta. Golf is widely known as a game of the riches, but these days, many sports fans over the globe started to appreciate this game. It may be due to the popularity of golfers like Tiger Woods, or maybe due to the glamour of that game. 

They ladies are active on social media and giving leading models a run for their money! Don’t believe us? Hold your breath and open your arms for the most beautiful women in golf.

Strong a player

Though she may not be that strong a player as she used to be, she still looks stunning and that’s what we are discussing here! She has landed many endorsements due to her beauty and the way she markets herself, clever.  Another match worth specifying is golf and gorgeous ladies.

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Women’s golf has also seen a major boom in popularity in the past few years thanks to social media. While it isn’t as easy as it might look to play the game, being good is actually incredibly difficult. Being really good at golf and also being really hot is even harder.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to pull off, judging by the women on this list. Check out 10 of the hottest female golfers top and tell us what you think.

lady golfers perfect body

Do not be fooled, however, these girls are not just posing for pretty pictures, they have serious game to go along with their gorgeous features. are golfers looking to gain an edge and reach not only the next level of play, but at least one level beyond. 

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BLUE EYESHADOW MAKEUP – It’s possible for you to create subtle eye makeup or a more dramatic appearance, the decision is yours and powder eyeliner will supply you with the versatility to modify your looks easily and quickly. Sweep your eyelids who have any shade of blue or simply line it using a blue eyeliner and you’re all set to rock!

There’s no eye makeup appear sexier than smoldering smokey eyes. In a person’s life, youth will only come once, so we must grasp this good time. Adjust your mindset and welcome your life with the most spiritual side.

Nail, hair, clothing, accessories and make-up are all factors that make your beautiful life all day. So I hope that you can take a little time and energy to take care of it.

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Makeup For Brown Eyes


BEST Pink Eyeshadow and Makeup Palettes ideas girls

Pink eyeshadow makeup for women and girls – is one of the pink eyeshadows looks that is perfect if you’re looking for something new but don’t want to go dramatic. It looks amazing and you can easily wear it on a day to day basis. Just put a little bit of pink eyeshadow on your lid, blend it into yore crease and you’re done.

Yellow winter

Cute, fresh and simple! That’s so true to us cause pink eyeshadow is definitely our favorite new trend of 2020. Pink is so sweet and powerful. It gives you an 80s-babe-look which is best matching with any aesthetic outfit. 

There’s no wrong way to incorporate the look into your life: a yellow winter coat breaks up the monotony of neutral down puffers any day, and a classic bright red lip never goes out of style.

pink eyeshadow makeup for ladies images

A delicate flush of pink eyeshadow was a hit on the spring runways of Armani and Brandon Maxwell, while neon pink made a splash at the Chromat and Iceberg fall runways.

As with any bold shade, you might be feeling some trepidation. However, as the celebs ahead have proven, with the right shade and application, pink eyeshadow can be surprisingly versatile, ranging from natural to romantic

best pink eyeshadow looks ideas

Choose your one favorite, or embrace the variety and collect a few! We also give some tips on how to choose the best pink eyeshadows for your skin tone and eye color, and even give you some key tips to wearing the most gorgeous pink eye makeup looks.

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UNICORN MAKEUP IDEAS – Since the mixture of rainbow colors is present everywhere today: hair, clothes, so why skip the makeup? There is a vast range of highlighters and eye shadow palettes to help you achieve that magical look.

When teenagers start experimenting with makeup, it’s easy for them to go overboard. But young girls don’t need lots of heavy eye liner and red lipstick to look polished and pretty. Everybody is wearing it! Some are even bleeding it.

But hey! You are young, as well as I am and your skin needs to be taken cared of more than painted with harsh chemicals so be careful to not just buy any make-up and apply them to your sweet, sensitive skin just so you can paint your face beautiful. Fresh look that flatters teenage skin — and since it’s quick and easy.

  • Source: sapogova_school via Instagram, Aubreyoday via Instagram, Charismastar via Instagram @essencemakeup ,  nicolconcilio @alemaramakeup  ksu_makeuper via Instagram, natalia_vakar via Instagram, jessikapetten via Instagram  Ellie35x via Instagram, Bybrookelle via Instagram, Sophiehannahrichardson via Instagram @briamiche @ladiva03 @cosmicelectric
makeup ideas for teens

For your daughter can pull it off for school even if she likes to sleep in in the morning. girls want to look their best at school, feel confident and good in their own skin and let their personality shine through.

Makeup ideas for school should reflect your youthful, glowing tone and conceal your insecurities by using the proper cosmetics and makeup for school tips. So if you welcome this prime opportunity to shine, know that you can tweak the tips below to suit your prerogative.Pair this show-stopping style with your de facto look, whether that be a smoky eye or bare face.

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Cute Simple Makeup Ideas for Teenage Girls

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How to Apply Makeup

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Best Natural Makeup Tutorials for female

Easy too faced unicorn highlighter

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You need to find DEEP SET EYES MAKEUP ways to brighten them up so that they can look outstanding. You need to know how to dress up or dress down the deep set eyes depending on the occasion. It will all depend on the eye shadow colors that you would choose plus the other products you would use in order to.

That is why when someone is blessed with wide-set eyes the others have beautiful deep set eyes, and there is nothing wrong with that. The only thing is that you need to be aware of all the best ways of bringing your eyes out and of course makeup is in the first place when it comes to that.

  • Source: lavieencosmetiques via Instagram   pinkperception via Instagram : glamorousreflections via Instagram  glamorousreflections via Instagram   beisly via Instagram   marisolbautistaa via Instagram  : makeupbyjcole via Instagram

If you’re a gal with deep-set eyes, chances are you have large eyes that are set deeper into the eye sockets, creating the illusion of a more prominent brow bone. Your eyes are likely large and you have a prominent brow bone. To apply eye makeup to deep set eyes, you should start by washing and priming your eyelids. 

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Face halloween makeup – very few things can top an awe-inspired compliment from someone who loves your work. that feeling is even more gratifying if you put the man-hours in yourself.

Halloween makeup can make or break your costume and can even constitute nearly an entire look itself. No character is perfect without appropriate makeup, however, you do not need to be a professional to create such looks.

Everyone’s style

It was believed that during samhain, on October 31st, the ghosts of the dead could return. The barrier between the living and the dead was blurred. During the celebrations on Samhain, the Celts wore costumes, animal heads and skins. Whether you want to look cute or creepy, we’ve included looks for everyone’s style.

From the fake blood and guts of the queen of gore. Check out these  top + creative Halloween makeup ideas for 2020 we have below, and don’t forget to show us how it went if you tried one out! All of the ideas on this list are easy enough for makeup newbies to follow seriously, take our word for it.

  • Source:    @lindasteph @ladyparadoxx  @sashalubeauty @erikamariemua   @withlove.nadia  @bykaylallan @beautsoup  @nikkifrenchmakeup
blue tone face halloween makeup

So to help keep you from another year of procrastinating, scrambling, and ultimately hating on your costume all night, we rounded up our favorite ideas, below, to get you inspired way, way ahead of the big night. Follow along for top Halloween costumes that are perfect for makeup lovers who saved getting ready till the last minute.

halloween face paint ideas images

You get to choose between something silly and sweet or something scary and evil. If you’re leaning towards the latter, creating a scary face for Halloween will definitely generate a spookfest. Makeup artists in their network to come up with their best Halloween makeup ideas, looks “that are so immersive, an actual Halloween costume.

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Halloween makeup ideas

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Trendy Beautiful best eyeliner for wings 2021

ELEGANT WINGED EYELINER MAKEUP – are you more comfortable with eyeliner pencil than liquid or gel liner? This tricks is for you. Instead of going straight to town with the ever-daunting liquid liner, try outlining the shape of your wing with a pencil eyeliner.

Then, trace the shape with a thin liquid eyeliner like L’Oréal Infallible The Super Slim By Infallible Black.

There’s something about a simple winged eyeliner look that looks good on everyone. The extra flick of liner has been done since the ’50s and still adds that perfect dose of glamour needed to spruce any eye look up. Winged eyeliner can be an alluring, sultry style when done right, but for makeup novices, it can be a tricky skill to master.

Practice putting on your eyeliner freehand, or use tape as a guide to achieve the perfect wing. When it comes to makeup, there are certain tricks that can be done to make you look charming and beautiful. The eyes are one of the most important beauty features of your face. 


Sometimes a small change can already create a huge difference in your look. Want to look gorgeous? Then choose the best eye makeup that suits you the best. Lining your eyes perfectly is no easy feat and requires more than a steady hand. It requires patience and a ton of practice. With so many hacks and tricks out there, zeroing in on the one that works for you is a personal preference and quite frankly.

winged eyeliner look that looks perfect

How To Do Perfect Winged Eyeliner today

best eyeliner for hooded eyes

best eyeliner for wings eyes ideas

your eyeliner freehand

Eyeliner Makeup are available now

winged eyeliner looks for long hair

huge difference in your look

the best eye makeup that suits

works for you is a personal preference

How to Apply Eyeliner

a great makeup trend and it should continue

requires more than a steady

winged eyeliner look

works for you is a personal preference

eye makeup is my signature look

different eyeliner styles

daily make-up routine to define the eye

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best eyeliner looks for hooded eyes



SCHOOL GIRLS MAKEUP – Bob is no less good for you. Bob won’t be worn out in time and fits all ages. The idea of ​​making your hair curly is a good idea. Before perming the hair, it’s important to pay attention to hair health.

First and foremost, his hair must look neat. Colored hair is very common. Braid hairstyles are relatively good for college. Natural makeup ideas can be equally as effective as chemical-laden makeup solutions.

Without looking

The mineral makeup can truly be regarded as the absolute most efficient foundation for all kinds of skin. Consequently, makeup with harmful chemicals aren’t the best choice. There are many occasions where you’d like to look your best without looking flashy.

You may feel uncomfortable going completely without makeup when in a situation where heavy makeup is frowned upon. Want something cute and simple? You have come to the right place!

This article will show you how to do your makeup to look awake and approachable. Makeup can help one achieve a perfect and flawless look, but on the other hand, it can be a bit stressful to perfect your look. Moreover, your makeup must never appear fake and overdone.


These three tutorials will have you looking gorgeous, and school appropriate. Become a pro at them in the last weeks of summer so by the time. This is especially important if you’re still in school, as many have strict dress codes.


For these situations, you can still wear a full face while appearing to go without. Makeup is something that defines all girls around the world from all ages. Wondering if in school the use of these products increase for vanity or to call out attention, what do you think. Is not wearing makeup to school, the same trend as wearing school’s uniform instead of normal clothes.

 makeup that looks good

high makeup school girls ideas image

 trending makeup styles

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Colleyville Heritage High School covergirl mink eyeshadow

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Love Sloth Makeup Pouch Toiletry Storage

School girl  aesthetic girl makeup

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Makeup Behavior girls cosmetics

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White eyeliner ideas is a beauty secret that will transform your makeup regime and indeed your life too. Adding white eyeliner to your eyes will make your eyes look bigger and brighter, giving you an overall glow.

We’ve been seeing a lot of white eyeliner lately that has been fitting perfectly with the still trending healthy, glowy, glossier face beauty look. Luckily, there’s a growing trend that won’t result in dark circles under your eyes or smoky smudges in your crease: white eyeliner.

Look bigger

Eyeliner makes the eyes look bigger and brighter,- says Ashley Gray, a professional makeup artist and the owner of Ashthetics Skincare. “Applying it to your lower waterline or doing a cat eye with a white eyeliner can really make the eyes pop. Because a liquid liner is more pigmented and can run more easily, it’s your best bet to choose an eye pencil. 

white eyeliner

Like black, white is a neutral, but rather than making your eyes look smaller—which darker shades can do—it can help you achieve a brighter, wide-eyed look.  Its relevance seems to come and go with the season, being reserved for spring and summer, but it’s actually quite versatile, and therefore worthy of a long-term spot in your makeup bag. If you are reading this, chances are you are a beauty-obsessed girl, so go on, girl, take a leap of beauty faith and try our tips to effectively use a white liner.

white eyeliner liquid

Like a simple white dress, white eyeliner, when used correctly looks very elegant and subtly edgy. This shimmery warm look was practically made for fall. And while we love the look on its own, we think the touch of white liner to define the crease and the little extra sparkle makes the look pop.  Even if you’re rocking a thick, black cat eye or smudgy smoky eye, applying white eyeliner using this method will make your look pop all the more.

nyx white eyeliner

white eyeliner for waterline

white eyeliner waterline

white eyeliner makeup looks

white eyeliner makeup

beauty secret which will transform

makes the eyes look bigger and brighter

than making your eyes look smaller

summer, but it's actually

shimmery warm look

applying white eyeliner using

white eyeliner for bigger eyes

white eyeliner gel

maybelline white eye pencil

lady gaga white eyeliner

eyeshadow with white eyeliner

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ariana grande white eyeliner

white eye pencil

nyx white eyeliner

42 Different short hairstyles for black women

white eyeliner looks

25 Cut Eyeshadow Looks for Day Ideas Colorful makeup

Different Types Of Eyeshadow Looks images

As this year eyeshadow looks for day comes to an end and a new one begins it’s nice to reflect on where you have been and celebrate where you are headed! For some of us makeup lovers that means buying and trying new makeup. The idea of having the ability to transform is so empowering. 

There is an eyeshadow idea to suit everyone from glam sparkles, to bold eyeliners and bright eyeshadow colors. You can create these makeup looks yourself at home and there are ideas that are perfect for makeup newbies and for the pros with every product. 

How do you choose the right shade for your eye color and skin tone? Will you ever use every color in that eyeshadow palette?

You don’t have to be a makeup pro or a beauty guru to achieve big, bold and gorgeous eyes. There are endless ways to do a bang-up job with your eyes and we have some of the best eye makeup looks lined up for you.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can bring this base color all the way up to your brow bone in preparation for a more dramatic smoky eye, or you can stop at the crease of your eye for a basic, everyday look.

  • Source: @alicjajmakeup  @jasmijniris @makeupbyalinna  @chelseasmakeup  @jasmijniris  @annybeeutee  @chelseasmakeup  @amorbeautymua  @sarahanne616  @jasmijniris

Or maybe it’s the playful, can’t-go-wrong application that makes it easy for even the most makeup-challenged to pull off. But there’s something about this season’s biggest beauty trend—colorful, shimmering.

Even celebrities don’t always excel at it, as you’ll soon appreciate. Whether it’s bad blending, poor placement, a heavy-handed application or the wrong colour(s), there’s a lot that can go wrong. 

Natural eye looks can look beautiful on literally anyone, despite the skin tone. What you’re basically doing is enhancing your eyes’ features; nothing more and nothing less. 

easy eyeshadow looks

Instead of using colorful and dark shades, Angela sticks to using neutral colors like warm toned browns and creams. In the style of a very light smokey eye, it resulted in a very natural eye look. 

eyeshadow looks brown eyes
year Eyeshadow Looks comes

eyeshadow idea to suit everyone

Depending on the look you’re going

colorful and dark shades

choose the right shade

blue eyeshadow looks for ladies

eyeshadow looks for green eyes

james charles palette looks

green eyeshadow looks

nyx eyeshadow palette

neon eyeshadow for female

best easy eye makeup

purple makeup looks

rainbow eyeshadow look

cool eyeshadow looks

rainbow eye makeup for female ideas

eyeshadow make over

sunset eyeshadow look

nyx ultimate eyeshadow palette

pink smokey eye

natural smokey eye

eyeshadow looks natural


eyeshadow looks



Simply makeup contour tutorials take makeup contour a gander at the articles below and you’ll be a makeup Picasso in no moment! Thus it is quite important to thoroughly get rid of any sort of makeup from the eyes every evening or before sleeping anytime during the day. it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin—and maybe even shy away from trying to contour altogether.

Luckily, this makeup trend isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems on the surface. Here’s an easy step-by-step breakdown on how to contour like a pro.

In this blog we’ll teach you how to contour your face, how to apply highlighter, and how to contour and highlight for your face shape (we’ll help you identify your face shape, too). We’ll point you to the right products for each step, including which natural foundations will work.

Brush on a light

After you apply your foundation and concealer, brush on a light layer of translucent powder to your face to create a clean base so the contour can go on smoothly. The areas that are not darkened or shaded then stand out! This can make your cheekbones look more pronounced, your nose more narrow or even help you reduce the appearance of the beloved soft under chin.

You’ll instantly transform to a more sculpted Adonis self. Contouring isn’t a job for full, fluffy brushes. “Start with a smaller, fluffy eyeshadow brush so you have more precision, Beau says. “You should buy two, one for contouring and one for highlighting.

makeup to contour

 There are three possible skin undertones—warm, cool, or a mixture of the two, neutral. You can tell if you have a warm undertone when you look in the mirror and see more yellow. Warm contour shades are great for warming up the skin and giving you a healthy bronzed look. This means you’re right down the middle and can sway toward either side.

how contour makeup
best makeup for contour

best makeup to contour

makeup to contour face

how to contour makeup step by step

makeup contour a gander at the

 Luckily, this makeup trend isn’t

natural foundations will work

your foundation and concealer

You’ll instantly transform to a more

are three possible skin undertones

fluffy brushes

shades are great for warming

instantly transform

makeup trend

revolution contour kit

contour for dark skin

contour makeup kit

wet and wild contour stick

revolution contour for ladies

contouring powder

best contour for pale skin

 tarte shape tape contour concealer

Accurate Medium Hairstyles For Men




Choosing the perfect bridal makeup ideas is as hard as choosing your wedding dress.They will pull together your wedding look and will make your big day unforgettable.

Natural bridal makeup is a good choice to make your look tender and romantic. Using pastel colors, matte lipstick or make a fresh face make up bride can emphasize eyes’ color depth or lips’ form. 

Browse our galleries for everything from the best long-lasting lipsticks and waterproof mascaras to how to perfect a red lip to the foundations that look best in wedding photos. We’ll have you looking like a blushing bride in no time!

Makeup look

Choosing a makeup look for your wedding might seem like a daunting task. But trust us when we say that it’s nothing compared to tackling your seating chart or hunting down those missing. Bridal beauty shouldn’t be basic, boring, or predictable—it just has to be beautiful and authentic to the woman who’s wearing it.

Ahead, top of our favorite recent celebrity beauty looks to share with your wedding day glam team.  Hard to know what cosmetic products are right for you for your everyday routine, but when it comes to prewedding skin care and makeup, you deserve to pamper yourself with the best beauty regimen.

  • Source: marisarosemph via Instagram, sheidafashionista via Instagram, lavish.pro via Instagram  sofia_baburina via Instagram, Brides Room, brittsully via Instagram  angiewarrenartistry via Instagram, Laima Makeup, Caroline Lima Photography ardell_lashes via Instagram, vizagistvaleria via Instagram, mariyakalashnikova via Instagram  Emma Chen Artistry, elstilespb via Instagram, jane_hahaeva via Instagram  Laima Makeup, sheidafashionista via Instagram, lera.rana via Instagram
bridal makeup looks ideas

Beauty is changing so fast and wedding makeup is no exception. If you’re looking for the latest bridal makeup you’re in the right place.

We’re going to give you the low-down on the industry tell you the hottest trends. Since we all have different styles, eye colors, and skin-tones here are a few options for this years bridal makeup.

bridal makeup and long hair images

Whether you choose lush, look-at-me lashes, a dramatic cat eye, a cheek color that’ll turn you into the very definition of a blushing bride, or any combination of the three, we just know you’re going to be gorgeous!

bridal makeup and hair near me

natural bridal makeup ideas images

bridal makeup wedding

natural makeup looks for wedding

Choosing the perfect simple wedding makeup looks

good choice to make your look tender and romantic

natural wedding makeup fair skin

Bridal beauty shouldn't be basic

makeup bridesmaid natural

natural bridal makeup for dark skin

very definition of a blushing

the hottest trends natural wedding eye makeup

going to be gorgeous natural bridal makeup artist

 natural smokey eye wedding makeup

wedding day glam team

natural makeup looks for bridesmaids

natural wedding day makeup ideas images

bridal makeup naturals

tender and romantic

the latest bridal makeup

you deserve to pamper

mature wedding makeup

natural wedding makeup artist

natural wedding makeup blue eyes

makeup natural wedding

simple wedding makeup for bride

bridal eye makeup natural

bridal natural makeup looks



52 Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas your romantic look

Wedding Makeup Looks Ideas For Every Style

A wedding makeup ideas day is indeed the most special day in a person’s life, and especially for women, it is something to bring almost a new life for them. It is also the day when a woman gets the most attention from her family, friends and relatives.

Everyone’s eyes are focused on how the bride is conducting herself. So looking your best becomes almost your duty, as the day belongs only to you.

Confident and charming

 Some people on the other hand cannot take the pressure of being a bride and end up worrying all day long instead of enjoying and forgetting problems. Some feel worried about their dress, some about their makeup, and some about their behaviour.

Natural makeup is still the best and most comfortable for women, especially for the wedding day. You look fresh and look younger. Other benefits, you will feel light in the face so which makes you more confident and charming.

So it only makes sense that you would take a similarly personal approach to your makeup — and sometimes, that means keeping it as natural as possible. With almost every aspect of your bridal ensemble checked off of your to-do list, all there’s left to do is find a makeup look that pulls it all together.

Luckily, you probably won’t have to look any further than this round-up of the prettiest wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride.

natural makeup looks for wedding

A nude lip means no colourful smudging after a ceremonial smooch, and if you can’t touch up regularly, it won’t be noticeable. A natural bridal makeup look is also perfect as it highlights your features, ensuring you are the best version of yourself on your special day.

Whatever you choose, be sure to schedule a makeup trial before the wedding day so that you and your makeup artist will be on the same page and you won’t feel stressed or worried on the day of. 

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Natural Wedding Makeup

44 Unique Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas For Female


The smokey eyes makeup ideas is characterized by makeup that emphasizes the eyes using soft lines and blending. Usually, darker colours like black, brown, or gray are used. Although you can opt to go for a more dramatic kind of smokey eyed look with fun colors like green or even red.

Smokey eye makeup tips proliferate throughout the internet, but all of them pretty much say the same thing. Although it’s one of our favorites, we’ll be real here, the smoky eye is one of the toughest techniques to master.

One overzealous stroke of an eyeshadow brush can leave you looking. Less like a sultry seductress and more like you could use an ice pack. But you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed ask a makeup artist. We talked to some of our favorites, and they had ten genius tips to take your smoky eye to the next level.

Start from the brow bone then, “follow your highlight with a medium color from where your highlight ends. To where your crease begins and blend. Proceed with a darker medium shade and blend using a windshield-wiper motion; concentrating on the crease — be sure not to go as high as the previous color. according to your eye shape—so you can rock this classic as part of your next makeup look.

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smokey eyes makeup

Traditionally this would have meant a long-winded and hugely expensive course at a leading academy, but with a little help from our self-confessed makeup addicts, we’ve come up with something for more realistic!

We break down exactly how to create the classic celeb-approved beauty look and point out a few makeup mistakes to avoid. showed her how to play up her eyes with soft, wearable colors like warm bronze and natural brown instead of gray and charcoal. Bet you never thought a smoky look could be this understated.

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Makeup and Beauty

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Eye makeup and Beauty

Haircuts for Round Faces that Would Give You Elegant Look

Smokey Eyes Makeup

54 Elegant Wedding Makeup Ideas Romantic Look


Deciding upon the most suitable natural wedding makeup ideas are able to make a difference on your huge moment. It’s still true that you want your eyes to stand out, so in the event you have light lashes, including a layer of mascara might be recommended.

The additional color on your cheeks will appear great in pictures and offer you a healthy looking glow. Just because you’re choosing a pure look doesn’t signify you have to skip your eyeliner entirely.

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44 Unique Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas For You

Wedding Makeup

61 Perfect Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For Long Hair

 Modern Wedding Hairstyles For Every Bride Style Images

Extensions ideas for long hair aren’t just for adding while straight hair and a wedding gown is still rather more of an oddity, you are far more likely to find brides embracing the longer hair styles and cutting down wearing the veil that covers up way more of her than most of them cares to. To your bridal hairdo. Use your added length to create some of the hot braided styles we mentioned earlier!

Ultra-long hair

Fishtail and other ornate braid styles require ultra-long hair, and there’s no reason why you can’t get a little help from extensions. The key with long hair is to select a style which will keep your tresses under control all day long.

You also want to take your veil and bridal hair jewelry into consideration when meeting with your stylist for a hair trial. By pulling back at least the front of your hair, you will give your veil a secure place to anchor so that it does not simply slide down the back of your head as you glide down the aisle.

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When it was time to dance, the half-up, half-down ‘do shifted to a low bun. But that’s not all we found. Click through to see more hairstyles every long-haired bride should put on her radar. This extravagant side style is not for a casual, backyard shindig.

A fancy look like this is best when paired with an equally fancy gown. So don’t hold back! Whether you’re styling your locks yourself or hiring some much-needed help, don’t stress — we’ve got lots of inspo for you right here.

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To show our commitment, we scoured thousands of beautiful pictures on Pinterest for our favorite wedding hairstyles for long hair. Check out this collection of chignons, side braids, and classic half-up-half-down styles. Nobody will look prettier on her wedding day than you!

Then, look to your wedding dress neckline and veil to really narrow down your hairstyle—some necklines lend themselves better to updos than others. While straight hair and a wedding gown is still rather more of an oddity, you are far more likely to find brides embracing the longer hair styles and cutting down wearing the veil that covers up way more of her than most of them cares to.

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